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How Filipinos indulge in self-care over quarantine

By The REBEL Team Published Aug 14, 2021 10:30 am

The implementation of Metro Manila’s third Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has us living in uncertainty and constant worry. More than ever, caring for ourselves—including our mental health—is our top priority.

Earlier this year, REBEL found that 85% of Filipinos surveyed struggled with their mental health over the course of the pandemic. Here are tried-and-tested methods that have been keeping Filipinos’ mental wellness in check: 

Meditation and prayer

Mindful meditation helps lower levels of our stress hormones. While it may seem intimidating to start, it can be practiced in many ways. Whether it’s through repeating a mantra or lifting up our intentions, we put our focus on the present, and are able to rid ourselves of distractions. In the long run, mindfulness trains us to always be in the moment, thus lessening the risk of anxious thoughts that can lead to depression.

Social connections

Our connections with friends and family, although still mostly virtual, helps lower anxiety and depression, while keeping our emotions more stable. Apart from these interactions being a mood-booster, they also play a huge factor in having higher self-esteem and in being kinder to others and ourselves.

Less screen time

Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes on social media a day, making us the highest users in the world. Nowadays, some choose to do a social media detox to veer away from negative news, while others avoid comparison with how well peers are doing. Another form of lessening screen time is reading. Those who can’t go out of their homes travel through stories they read instead.

Creative outlets and hobbies

Creative hobbies like painting, knitting, and even journaling, require you to stay focused on what you’re doing while still letting your mind relax and tune negativity out. Plus, the act of creating something also leaves you with a sense of accomplishment!

Daily movement

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Perhaps the most common outlet for stress release these days is regular exercise. Whether through high intensity or low impact training, lifting weights, boxing, dancing, or yoga, working out stimulates endorphin production, which helps regulate and elevate one’s mood. 

As a way to alleviate the stress brought about by the ECQ, REBEL will be holding two weeks worth of live classes via Zoom for FREE, from August 9 to 22, 2021. Sweat it out through workouts and clear your mind with meditation sessions. Led by the country’s top health and fitness experts, these classes also help strengthen our sense of community and social connections as we all REBEL together towards health and happiness.

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