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PhilSTAR L!fe recommends: Facebook groups for your daily needs

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Feb 20, 2021 9:39 am Updated Aug 23, 2023 3:39 pm

As many of us continue to isolate at home because of the pandemic, connecting with our friends for advice or simply to chat could be very ho-hum. 

Luckily, there are a lot of Facebook groups that provide everyone with opportunities to interact, share positivity, and learn life hacks at home. These communities not only allow you to engage in discussions but more so, build connections with the people from your niche.

The PhilSTAR L!fe team lists down the Facebook communities we have been benefiting from and you can join, too, to get more out of your everyday life.

The Subtle Asian Baking Facebook group is a growing community of baking enthusiasts, who share recipes and tips on Asian-inspired baking and cooking. You don’t have to be a baker to enjoy this group because with just a few scrolls, its feed will reveal an abundance of enticing scrumptious desserts that range from different kinds of cakes, colorful macarons to cute mochi delights. I’ve seen several iterations of ube desserts there, too—from cheesecake to bread filled with ube halaya.

The group also has room for members who share recipes of savory delights like dumplings, savory baos, and lamb skewers. And of course, recipes of food trends like Dalgona coffee, Basque burnt cheesecake, and baked feta pasta have also been shared in the group.

The engaging members of the community from around the world exchange recipes, give tips on sourcing ingredients and kitchen tools, and even participate in fundraising activities. Joining this Facebook group may not only turn you into an overnight baker, but the countless delectable treats may inspire you in one way or another. —Pinky Icamen, Content Producer

I've been following the Curly Girls Philippines: Community for the Curly Girl Method (CGM) for over a year now. It's the perfect Facebook group for curly-haired girls like me as it shares approved CGM products and hair tips that can help restore your crowning glory! It feels comforting to discover major inspos who post their before-and-after snaps and get real about their hair struggles in the group, too. —Brooke Villanueva, Content Producer

I’m such a fan of the website Into the Gloss founded by Glossier creator Emily Weiss. Their editors love to review beauty products and ingredients and explore the beauty routines of inspiring women. Meanwhile, their Facebook page is a no-judgment, safe space to come and ask the questions about beauty you need to be answered, get product recommendations, or just have a chat with like-minded beauty fans. —Red Dimaandal, Social Media Manager

Quarantine Tribute Tips or most commonly known as QTT is a group that was formed because of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) where only one member of each family was allowed to go out and buy the necessary goods. This family member is then issued with the quarantine pass to be able to roam their area despite the stringent quarantine measures.

I was invited to join the group by a friend who serves as the "alay" of their family. Since the lockdown was new to everyone, "alays" united to form a group where they can ask questions from household management, market tipid tips, and even their own life problems. Eventually, the group became some sort of a confidant where people confide what they feel about their own homes, or how they cope with losing their job or not being able to graduate with proper ceremonies. Evolving from what the lockdown required of them in becoming a safe space for its members, QTT is one of the few places in social media that I can call a true community. —Danicah Lagman, Social Media Content Producer

BF HomesSarap was my lifeline during the strictest lockdown last year. Like in many subdivisions, BF Homes in Parañaque suddenly had countless home cooks, bakers, and entrepreneurs that offered the gamut of hot meals, desserts, baked goods, fresh produce, and meats for delivery. The great thing about neighborhood Facebook pages is that there are always new additions so you can try something new each time.Baked salmon was so hot last year there were no fewer than five offering it. There are also those making food that you don’t find in bakeries. A friend sent me a tray of baked orange rolls, which were to die for!

If you’re looking for a particular food, you can just throw it out to the 32k-member community and you’ll get a deluge of replies. Even with restaurants now open, I still order from these home cooks. We don’t know how our neighbors are affected by this pandemic, whether they lost their jobs or their mortgages, and the least we can do is to buy from their small businesses. —Tanya Lara, Features Head

We have all had our fill of gleaming food photos that are carefully curated and perfectly lighted, dressed in the most dramatic filter, and peppered with one hashtag too many for optimal mileage on IG. Rate My Plate is the exact opposite. This is a group where people share pedestrian food, often sub-pedestrian food even, that is as real as real can get. The photos are one thing, the comments and takedowns are another. As the group bio states, “not for the faint hearted.” Photos usually get subjected to a round of scathing comments, that are often funny.

For one thing, the photos make one feel that you are not the worst home cook after all. The comments, on the other hand, tells you that it’s ok to poke fun at horrendous things that look like awful prison food, more so your bilious comment is brimming with wit. Visit this group for a dose of comic relief at any time of day. —Bim Santos, News Head

I joined this Facebook group called “Marie Kondo Tidying Up, Decorating and More” for organizing and decorating tips. Everyone here is just so friendly and they give each other helpful tips! —Camille Santiago, Associate Editor

Veterinary Clinics Open in the Philippines was formed by veterinarian Dr. Jia Gonzales-Mendoza at the beginning of ECQ in March last year. Together with her fellow animal doctors, the group provided home service and free online consultation to fur parents in need of help during the lockdown. A year later and with the country observing less strict quarantine protocols, the community still continues to give tips, facts, and most importantly, speedy help to pet owners nationwide. The group would definitely do you and your fur babies some good, especially if you're busy yet still want to give them their much-deserved TLC. —Justine Punzalan, Associate Editor

I have not been going out of the house since the lockdown started. I miss bookstores terribly, but the pandemic has made me (forced me to?) appreciate reading e-books and buying second-hand books online. Second Hand Books Philippines is one of the Facebook Groups I check regularly. You can find people selling a very varied range of books here—from popular titles to out-of-print books you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. —Chuck Smith, Senior Writer