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'Queen of Self-love' Lizzo fights ‘fatphobia’ with a spicy new video

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Dec 09, 2020 8:16 am

Grammy-Award winning singer Lizzo, poster girl for self-love and body inclusivity, continues her fight against “fatphobia” and fat-shaming with a spicy new video on her social media.

Some people are offended by the term “fat”. But the Juice singer isn’t and she is making it known not just with her social media posts but also with her music, onstage performances, and music videos.

In her post on TikTok, which was also posted on Instagram, Lizzo, posed from all angles in a white bikini while using the audio of a popular TikTok trend started by user MaryCjSkinner.

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The all-angles trend was meant to show poses that are “figure-flattering” and “unflattering” when taking photos. But instead of doing the poses for the trend, Lizzo proudly showed off her legs, back, stomach, and even playfully touching her love handles.

Lizzo captioned her post, “Wild to see the body positive movement come so far. Proud of the big girls who gave it wings. My body is changing but I’m gonna keep appreciating it from every angle.”

In her Vogue cover story for the magazine's October issue, Lizzo talked about how body positivity has been appropriated and “commercialized” as when one explores the hashtag #bodypositive on social media, one will see “smaller-framed girls, curvier girls. Lotta white girls.”

“And I feel no ways about that, because inclusivity is what my message is always about. I’m glad that this conversation is being included in the mainstream narrative,” she was quick to point out. But she has reservations in the fact that the people whom the term was created for are not benefitting from it.

“Girls with back fat, girls with bellies that hang, girls with thighs that aren’t separated, that overlap. Girls with stretch marks. You know, girls who are in the 18-plus club. They need to be benefiting from… the mainstream effect of body positivity now. But with everything that goes mainstream, it gets changed. It gets — you know, it gets made acceptable.”

The Truth Hurts singer also said in the interview that she prefers “body-normative” to “body positive.”

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“I would like to be body-normative. I want to normalize my body and not just be like, ‘ooh, look at this cool movement. Being fat is body positive.’ No, being fat is normal. I think now, I owe it to the people who started this to not just stop here."

The 32-year-old singer is known for her feel-good music and her electrifying performances that always take the media by storm. She uses these platforms to promote her advocacies including size representation in media, diversity and inclusivity.

The Queen of Self-love that she is, Lizzo will continue to do what she is doing—no matter how uncomfortable it is to others—as she pushes forward with the movement to smash society’s unrealistic and abrasive beauty standards.

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