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Should the stars guide our love life? I had my first astrology love reading—here's what happened

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Dec 01, 2023 9:08 pm Updated Dec 01, 2023 9:40 pm

Astrology offers a unique perspective on love and life, examining the influence of planetary positions on an individual's romantic experiences. When seeking guidance through psychic readings, one of the most popular questions people ask is about love.

In the Philippines, astrology's influence is particularly evident. Studies have shown that individuals who add Astrology badges to their Bumble profiles experience over 100% more average monthly matches than those without.

Intrigued by the idea of it, I embarked on a quest to understand the connection between astrology and love. I wondered if the stars could truly guide our romantic paths, and whether astrology held the key to unlocking our love destinies. To unravel these mysteries and satiate my curiosity, I ventured into the world of astrology love readings.

My reader's name was Monica Lopez Gamboa also known as Monch the Mystic. She is a professional Filipino astrologer and a certified yoga teacher well-versed in the art of drama therapy. She is based in New York City and combines astrology with embodied techniques to apply the basics of astrology to not just the mind, but the body and the spirit. 

As an overthinker, I am afraid of what Monica can read through my planet's alignment especially when talking about my love life. My current partner is my first boyfriend and this is also my first time doing an astrology love reading. Monica made my worry go away and said "Well, let’s just treat as you know, in terms of love life, it starts with ourselves and it really starts with knowing who you are, being self-aware. So as long as that is solid right? It’s more of 'Oh, I’m attracting the right person for me.'" 

"So in the astrology of love, it is how can you use it to love yourself before another person. I think that’s the core of it. How can you use it for that self-awareness to love yourself and to bring in the people who can mirror that to you," she explained. 

Me as a Leo

Just like any other astrology reading, Monica asked for details about my birth including the date and time. First, Monica did a general reading of my sign, which according to her, my sun is in Leo in the twelfth house. And so in love, the sun, moon, Mars, and Venus are the celestial bodies needed to be read.

"Your sun is in Leo, and Leos need to burn bright. The sun loves to be in Leo. It’s a comfortable position in astrology and they love to burn bright. They need to celebrate and they need to be celebrated. They need to have a stage and they need to be, you know, using their personality to be able to showcase the work that they can do," she tells more about what kind of person I am through what she read. 

My birth chart according to Monica. 

"Leos are known to be extroverts, and they’re known to be loud, life of the party. But your signature is a little different because Leo for you is in the area or part of the stage that’s in the behind-the-scenes area," she said.

“'I don’t want to be center stage but I also want to be center stage but I’ll do it through a different way,'” she continues. When she said this, I knew the session was going to be interesting because I found that statement true. I’m the type of person who would find fulfillment more in a particular event or project if I were the one doing it behind the scenes. 

The moment of truth

Monica delved into my birth chart, explaining how Mercury's position in the first house of self-expression indicates my need for an outlet to communicate and feel understood. She emphasized that this need extends beyond relationships and permeates my entire life.

Further, she analyzed Venus and Mars, the planets governing my love signatures. Venus' position reveals my attraction, while Mars signifies my energy and sexual expression. Interestingly, both Venus and Mars reside in Cancer, my partner's zodiac sign. According to Monica, this placement highlights my desire for deep emotional connections and a sense of security in my relationships.

I found her assessment accurate. My partner provides me with the emotional safety and understanding I crave. He fosters a deep connection, allowing me to express myself freely and without vulnerability.

My boyfriend and I during one of our trips. 

"The way he is is what you need to feel safe. That's what you're attracted to. So, as if naaattract ka sa being niya, yung shina-shine niya, doon ka nadr-draw because that’s what you need, that emotional bond," Monica said.

A restoring experience

Personally talking to Monica is like talking to a close friend who knows you a lot. She gave me ease and I had so much fun while she was saying things accurately just by reading my birth chart. 

This astrology love reading was a whole exhilarating experience for me and a breath of fresh air. I reflected on what I'd learned as a Leo. It also helped me understand why certain relationships in my life were as they were, why I am in certain challenges, and most importantly, understand who I am better. It helped me in some way. 

Now, to answer the question, "Should the stars guide our love life?" Monica said, "I think, it can guide you but not determine your love life. It helps us guide in a way that you understand the other person more. “Ah, ganito pala siya.” “kaya ko ba yan?” Like, is this compatible with me knowing that I’m a Leo or Cancer? Can I have a partner who's like this? And if not, maybe it's not the right match. So you have the choice, too to say, this is him, based on what the star says but also an observation."

"Guide but not dictate I think is how the stars can help us. Because I think it just builds up that self-reflection which is so important now," she added.

And so, If I had the chance to participate in another astrology reading again, I  would go for it.