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Moira dela Torre shares journey of moving on from past relationship: ‘I like who I am even if it’s with no one’

By Melanie Uson Published Sep 18, 2023 5:37 pm

After her controversial split with her estranged husband, Moira dela Torre is definitely in a new chapter of her life toward growth and moving on. 

“I think it's my first time to not be so scared to go home to an empty home. It doesn't feel so scary. It doesn't feel so empty,” the 29-year-old Malaya singer said during her interview with ABS-CBN News, noting that she currently feels “very grateful” for her projects, including the recently concluded tour and her upcoming album. 

Aside from her booming career, Moira stressed that she’s most proud of her growth as an individual. 

"I think I've been so blessed to have so many achievements in this past year, but I think my proudest achievement is being able to say for the first time that I like me,” she said. 

“I like who I'm becoming, the person I'm becoming. I'm growing up and there's so many things that I'm learning along the way," she continued. “And I like where I am, and I like who I am.” 

“I like who I am even if it's with no one,” she added. 

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Moira said that she has already moved on and is currently in her healing process. When asked if she now feels “whole” as a person, the Paubaya singer said that although she never truly knew or felt that way before, she is now “slowly starting to know what it looks like.” 

"I used to think I needed people to feel that, but I am starting to feel it on my own,” she said. 

She then went on to describe how growing is an uncomfortable and necessary process, which also became the theme of her upcoming album. 

"This album actually has grown so much with me. It wasn't supposed to be the spring album, but I realized that spring is growth and growth is uncomfortable. And it really has been such an uncomfortable growth. But it has become such a necessary growth," she said. 

“Even the unnecessary things, even the things that were so painful to experience, and even the things I would rather not go through again, I've come to be thankful for because if not for them, I wouldn't have learned the things I have,” she said. 

In late August, Moira revealed during her show in Davao that she recently kept in touch with her ex-husband Jason Marvin Hernandez about processing certain papers, stressing how they learned to move forward without bitterness

“We were talking about papers. We were both talking about how God can turn things around even if it’s not what we thought it would look like,”  she said. 

“That we can actually move forward without bitterness, even if it’s not how we planned it. A lot like this song,” she added, introducing her song, Rewritten Vows, which she said seemed “a lot different a couple of years ago.”

Moira is known for her songs mostly about love and heartbreak such as Malaya, Paubaya, Patawad Paalam, and Mabagal featuring Daniel Padilla. 

She married fellow singer Jason in 2019, but they parted ways in 2022, with the latter admitting that he had been “unfaithful to her during [their] marriage.”