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The coolest workplace in town

Find excitement at work in TELUS International Philippines

By Adam Laurena Published Jan 20, 2023 9:00 am

Most employees are looking for the same basic things at work: growth opportunities, personal empowerment, and the elusive work-life balance. It may be a bit much to expect to have fun while at work, as we tend to compartmentalize the two from each other.

But there are workplaces out there that exceed the expectations of their employees. One such company is TELUS International Philippines (TIP).

TELUS International Philippines (TIP), a leading provider of digitally-enabled customer service and business process solutions, started with only 50 members in 2005. Today in its 12 years of service in the country, it boasts over 27,000 team members.

It has nine sites all around the Philippines, seven in Metro Manila and two in Iloilo, which all give support in the customer experience and digital IT outsourcing of top brands around the world.

What sets TIP apart is its caring culture, which has resulted in a 50% lower attrition, or employee departure, compared against industry standards. It also has an award-winning team member engagement.

Want to know more about the company culture of TIP? Read on and see why this company may very well be where you can continue your career, and carve a path toward success.

Workspaces geared toward a young workforce

TIP is known for nurturing a fun environment, as well as having a caring and diverse company culture. When it comes to their employees, they believe in pushing creative thinkers while embracing spirited teamwork. Moreover, they encourage their employees to influence innovation and have passion for growth.

To do this, TIP creates a working environment that keeps its employees engaged. Having a belief that inspired workspaces inspire the workforce, the company offers rooms with innovative, fun designs where employees can be creative, as well as relax and have fun after a tiring day of working.

From themed meeting rooms to game rooms to café-style eating areas, the surroundings can easily inspire all employees to not just continue doing work, but to think out of the box and simply have fun.

TIP also encourages its employees to not just do work all the time. They also deserve a proper break from time to time, so its offices have their own set of game rooms—all of which include billiards tables, gaming consoles, videoke, hockey, darts, and other activities where employees can just chill when stress starts seeping in during their work.

For those who have no time to sustain or improve their health or fitness, TIP offices have in-house gyms and trainers who facilitate regular classes for kickboxing, yoga, dance, and many more.

A place to develop one’s abilities

It has always been the goal of TIP to make quality education accessible to everyone in the country. That is why they have set up TELUS International University (TIU), an avenue where employees can develop their skills and talents, as well as pursue further education.

It all started in 2011 as a learning program that offers degree courses to employees who dream of having a college diploma.

The program has evolved over time, which pushed TIU to partner with various universities and learning institutions in the country to provide short courses for employees who want to develop their skills and talents.

Throughout the years, TIU has had 167 degree course graduates and almost 7,000 short-course graduates.

TIU further extends its advocacy of providing quality education by allowing family members of employees to enroll in degree and short courses. Both employees and their loved ones can enjoy a variety of learning opportunities from TIU, including webinar series, art workshops, culinary classes, certificate courses, degree courses, and many more.

Finding belongingness in your community

TIP has always been an ally of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in their fight for equality and equity in society.

The company has always had the vision to be a global leader in diversity and inclusion, growing a pool of talents that foster inclusivity. They recognize individuality and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness within their team, company, and community.

To achieve that, TIP also has a number of special interest groups that cater to the promotion of inclusivity and individual empowerment.

TIP is a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community, addressing their concerns and needs, whether work-related or not. Through the group Spectrum, TIP has been able to influence and promote positive change among its LGBTQIA+ employees since 2014.

In eight years, Spectrum has been able to champion employee support systems within the company, including the extension of health maintenance organization (HMO) coverage to dependents, domestic partners, and same-sex partners of employees, availability of gender-neutral, self-identified male & female washrooms in all offices, and the use of preferred first names and pronouns in company communication and events, as well as non-binary clothing policies.

TIP empowers women with Connections Women’s Network, a group that promotes inclusivity and helps being the voice for the needs and interests of their female employees while supporting their professional and personal development.

TIP also supports their foreign national employees with Mosaic, a multi-cultural team member resource group.

So, if you ever feel like yearning for excitement and a caring culture at work, check out TIP. It is there where you can not only carve a path toward a better future, but even find your own tribe, develop some new skills, and have a fun environment that can inspire you to work even better.

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