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These face masks grow into flowers when planted

By Camille Santiago Published Mar 24, 2021 5:59 pm

Let’s face it: Face masks have practically become part of our every day uniform. Whether we like it or not, it’s one of the essential health measures to protect us from spreading virus. 

Unfortunately, single-use masks are increasing the plastic pollution. Thousands have been found in seas and landfills, and each one takes up to hundreds of years to decompose!

Because of this, many have resorted to wearing reusable or fabric face masks as an economical and eco-friendly alternative. Not only do they have a far less impact on the environment, but they can be stylish, too!

But have you ever heard about 100% biodegradable masks that grow into flowers? Yup! Graphic designer Marie de Groot-Pons from the Netherlands has created masks that are embedded with seeds “to make the bees happy and to make the world a little better again.”

Named Marie Bee Boom, these masks are made from rice paper, wool straps, and are filled with meadow flower seeds. They also use potato starch as glue and biodegradable and non-toxic stamped logo ink. 

“I thought that a few people would like my idea of a biodegradable face mask with flower seeds. But I would never have dreamed that I would be overwhelmed by such a large amount of positive reactions,” wrote Marie on Instagram.

“So you see: putting your teeth into something that you really believe in is so much fun and rewarding.”

Though the masks have not been tested for COVID-19 transmission, “they are as safe as homemade fabric alternatives,” Biofuels Digest reported. 

Currently, they ship to Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany via their website. De Groot-Pons also hopes to ship worldwide soon.