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Love calendar: The best days to proclaim your love this Valentine's season, based on your zodiac sign

By Resti Santiago / Filipino Astrologer Published Feb 19, 2023 1:40 pm Updated Feb 21, 2023 12:08 am

To date or not to date? To hide your feelings or confess your love?

The quote “millionaires don’t use astrology but billionaires do” has been attributed to J.P. Morgan, one of the world’s first billionaires. If business people apply astrology, the question that pops into mind, especially during the Valentine's season, is whether astrology—the science and art of the stars—can also be applied in matters of the heart.

This love calendar attempts to answer just that by simplifying several complex astrological timing concepts and presenting them in calendar format. Hearts Days are time periods that are conducive to harmonious communications and expression of one’s love. The Broken Hearts Days are those that can most likely lead to disagreements or conflict.

Do you have to select a time for every activity? Not necessarily—astrological calendars are best used for major activities or beginnings. If you are already married or in a relationship, the effect of the love calendar can be minimal, unless there is an issue with your partner that you want to address. It is best to discuss sensitive issues between friends or family members or lovers when there is harmony between the planets in the sky. For singles, however, the first date or the beginning of the relationship is crucial as these signify beginnings. 

The moment you and your partner become official is the actual birthday of the relationship. Whether it can flow smoothly or will be filled with heartaches can be indicated by the heart or broken heart symbol. But of course, the success of anything is not solely based on timing, another factor to consider is the compatibility of the lovers.

Full compatibility analysis involves the interpretation of the whole chart, but for general purposes, one can easily be guided by the concept of the elements. The twelve zodiac signs are categorized per element and the elements have different kinds of interaction with each other.

The fire elements (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo) and air elements (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) go together. Air helps fire and fire enlivens air.

The earth elements (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are nourished by water elements (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Earth gives shape and function to water.

The symbolism of the elements is a powerful concept—at a glance, we can see which sign supports yours. Compatibility is nothing else but getting support or meaning from one another. 

Fire and air are compatible because they support each other. Fire people need the presence or energy of air people to keep them inspired. Air people are happy with fire people because they keep them up on their toes as both are into fun, adventure, and movement. 

Water and earth people, on the other hand, are very much concerned with security and these two signs can address each other’s major needs. Earth signs need financial security while water signs need emotional security. Both delight in bonding and spending quiet or quality time with each other. 

The key to personalizing compatibility is by knowing your sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant sign. The more planets in one's chart are compatible with or supported by the other’s planet, the more harmonious the relationship will be. So before you date or even confess your love to your crush, check if your sun sign is compatible with your prospect’s sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant sign. If not, it doesn’t mean that you should not go ahead with the date—it simply means you have a lot to adjust to each other’s personality (hence the need to get to know the other party longer), and the more that you need to use this love calendar.