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Benedict Cua shares secrets to becoming a successful content creator

By Camille Santiago Published Dec 16, 2020 3:12 am

If you have spent a vast amount of your quarantine nights on YouTube, then you probably have come across Benedict Cua’s channel. 

Charming, witty, and somewhat corny but cute, Cua’s chinito looks and outgoing personality are indeed a perfect combination for the camera. He's one of the funny guys on the video-sharing platform, sharing content about anything under the sun—although mostly filled with his corniest jokes and pick-up lines.

In just two years, he has amassed quite a big number of following: 1.52 million on YouTube, 2 million on TikTok, and 580k on Instagram; and endorsements here and there including one with Neutrogena!

If you’re thinking about getting into vlogging or content creation, see if you can find helpful tips from Benedict below.

Where do you get the ideas for your content?

When it comes to content creation, ideas come and go. I make sure that I’m doing something that I enjoy so that it wouldn’t feel like I’m working or like I’m trying to impress an audience. Sometimes I dedicate long hours of binge watching videos from my favorite YouTubers to be inspired to come up with new content ideas. 

Why do you think comedy is the best fit to convey your lifestyle?

Growing up, I noticed that I’m such a people pleaser. I don’t like dead airs and quiet moments especially when I'm with friends, so I’d crack the corniest and “arguably” the funniest jokes I can think of to always break the ice. And it made my life super enjoyable in a sense. Haha! 

What kind of experience did you have prior to your YouTube channel that helped you create a diverse range of videos?

My corporate background helped me a lot in terms of coming up with structures for my videos and the workshops I have attended to, I would say, made me realize that I’m still young and free to do content that I have never even tried before. 

Amplify your own character and people will appreciate it.

How do you keep up with your audience?

I always keep in touch with them through social media. Right now I’m most active on IG, FB, and Tiktok. This is also where we get to communicate via the comment section. It’s fun! 

How does one become an influencer?

I personally don’t like this term, but if you’re asking how is one able to get a wider audience in order to have the power to influence.. Just be authentic and visible. Don’t try to be someone else, don’t try to be the exact copy of your idols. Amplify your own character and people will appreciate it. 

When you’re not producing videos, how do you wind down?

Being with a lot of people and being outside stimulate me since I’m a huge extrovert. There are times when I also try to learn things that I’m unfamiliar with and these experiences usually keep me hungry for growth even when I’m unwinding.  

Photos from Benedict Cua's Instagram. Special thanks to Neutrogena and Ogilvy