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Sana all? US company pays outgoing employees 10% extra for remaining stay

By NICK GARCIA Published Sep 14, 2022 4:07 pm

Unhappy employees tend to go job-hunting hurriedly—and secretly—sending résumés and cover letters here and there. Once realized, the outgoing employee's departure often ends up on a sour note.

But for an American industrial marketing agency, nothing's personal. In fact, it's even incentivizing soon-to-be former employees by increasing their salary for the remainder of their stay. Sana all!

Jon Franko, thinker and founder at Gorilla 76, in a viral post on LinkedIn said full-time employees who give them at least six weeks' notice will be given a 10% salary increase. They'd then be asked to leave "within three months."

"[W]e pay our employees to leave," said Franko, whose office has headquarters in Saint Louis City in Missouri. "And we promise, no hard feelings."

Franko said their policy encourages people "to do something different if they're feeling stuck or in the wrong place," while also giving them ample time to move forward.

"It's way better than the normal two-week sprint," he said.

Franko recalled what just happened to their outgoing employee, who's a "great person, great Gorilla, and EXTREMELY talented" but was "ready for something different."

"So, he came to us, told us he was seriously looking, and that he would be gone within three months," Franko said, noting they shook hands, bumped his salary, and began their search for a replacement. The boss noted that the departing employee even has "some great leads," and that they'll be working together for a smooth transition.

"OF COURSE we don't want people to leave," Franko stressed. "But we're fools to think they're all going to retire with us."