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Local ‘malunggay’ can be globally competitive

Published Aug 17, 2021 5:50 am

Moringa or malunggay is known as a breastfeeding mom's best friend because of its nutritional value. Moms can find this superfood everywhere in various forms—from raw leaves to supplements in capsules.

But are these enough to help her meet the nutritional demands of breastfeeding? More importantly, are these moringa products guaranteed safe for her and her baby?

Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya ensures the quality and safety of its Sekaya Organic Moringa supplement by sourcing only from certified organic farms under Moringaling Philippines Foundation, Inc., a network organization serving the moringa supply chain in the Philippines.

Superfood vs. 300 diseases 

Moringa is packed with over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and amino acids potent enough to help address 300 diseases—making it a great supplement not only for moms, but for anyone who wants a health boost.

Due to its nutritional value, Moringa or malunggay has always been known as a breastfeeding mom's best friend.

When choosing a moringa supplement, it’s important to check the quality of the raw ingredients used and how they’re processed. Studies have confirmed that moringa also acts as nature's filters, absorbing not only minerals from the soil, but also toxic heavy metals. Moringa from backyard barns or polluted sites may put those who take them at risk of getting exposed to harmful substances.

From organic farm to market 

As an organization involved in the development, research, and product standardization of the humble malunggay, Moringaling Philippines works with farmers, producers, processors, manufacturers, enthusiasts, buyers, consumers, suppliers, and exporters, who all adhere to ethical and sustainable practices related to moringa planting and moringa products.

In fact, Sekaya Organic Moringa is the only 500 mg European Union (EU)-certified organic moringa supplement on the market that is 100 percent sourced and manufactured in the country.

With this certification, Sekaya and Moringaling Philippines assure consumers that the local organic moringa farms they’ve tapped have been inspected, fulfilled strict conditions, and passed international standards on how the supplement is produced, transported, and stored.

Sekaya, which is under Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the natural products company of Unilab, also guarantees that each Sekaya Organic Moringa capsule is carefully processed in pharma-grade facilities to ensure that the life-giving nutrients of moringa are retained. The product is also tested against microbial contamination, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and molds so moms and others who take it are assured of its safety and quality.

Sekaya Organic Moringa is the only 500 mg European Union (EU)-certified organic moringa supplement in the market that is 100 percent sourced and manufactured in the country.

By working hand in hand, Sekaya and Moringaling Philippines have proven that local malunggay can be globally competitive. They are not only supporting the health goals of the market, but also putting local moringa farmers and farming communities on the map by showcasing the capabilities of Filipinos in producing high-quality natural health supplements like Sekaya Organic Moringa.

To make sure more people benefit from moringa’s life-giving nutritional power, Sekaya Organic Moringa is now available in select Mercury Drug stores in Metro Manila and in Synnovate’s official stores on Lazada and Shopee, as well as Sekaya’s social media platforms.


Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Sekaya.