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Sexy in six

By KATHY MORAN, The Philippine STAR Published Oct 26, 2020 5:00 pm

Fitness is a way of life for me. Each time I do an activity, whether it’s a workout, lifting something heavy or taking steps at the office, I consider just how much I burn, in calories, fat, and even anger at times.

One of the things that helps, whether psychologically or health-wise, is wearing one of those watches that counts calories by the number of steps we take, whether walking or running.

But, in my fitness lifestyle experience, nothing beats taking an hour or so at least five times a week to concentrate on our health. And, in this mission, I know that owning a fitness watch, which helps me do that, is a must.

I got to try out the Huawei Watch Fit, which is the brand’s latest fitness tracker that sits somewhere between budget activity bands and serious running watches.

The first thing I did was sync it with my iPhone, just to check if it was easy to do. Yes, it was. I switched my sync to my Huawei P30 Pro. And although the Watch Fit doesn’t improve anything on the software front, it offers a different kind of value from Huawei: most of the fitness and health-tracking suites are found in a lightweight design that is accessible, easy to use and affordable.

Walk, run, bike

But what do we need to look for in a Fit watch?

Good battery life. Well, for starters it is important to make sure that it has a good battery life. The Huawei Fit watch actually has that.  I put on the watch synced with my P30 Pro and used it for a good 12 hours. No, I did not work out for 12 hours; I used it over seven days, turning off the watch when I was not in workout mode and turning it on during workout days. My fear was that the watch would stop or give up because of my activity and my sweat. It didn't. I only had to recharge it after 12 hours.

I used the watch for walking, running and biking; I liked that it didn't count steps as I biked, like some other fit watches I have used. So, if you're into more into step counting, get a watch that does just that.

Workout animations. Secondly, I like that there are 12 Quick Workout Animations — something to smile about when my day of exercising seems like a chore. Animations always make me smile.

Cool looks. The third would be the Huawei Watch Fit looks cool. It’s also one of the most comfortable fitness bands to wear, making it perfect for all daywear, plus it’s waterproof. The tall 1.64-inch AMOLED screen is bright with an accessible and easy-to-use interface and built-in GPS means you can leave your phone behind for short workouts.

It’s really light at 21g without the strap, although that's impossible to test since the strap isn't removable. It's also pretty thin at under 11mm, and it feels comfortable to wear. It's not bulky at all. Now, this is   pretty significant. Plenty of watches bill themselves as being made for fitness, but they're so big and bulky that wrist movement is restricted. That's not an issue with the Fit Watch.

It has 96 workout modes. The Fit Watch does precise and real-time workout metrics for 11 professional sports, including running, swimming and cycling. The 85 custom workouts allow you to unleash your potential, whether you do interval training or yoga. The other plus is that the watch keeps track of real-time heart rate, calories and the duration of your workout. 

I wasn’t able to try all 85 of the workout modes, but the exercises I did using the watch were accurately measure for time, heart rate and calories burned.

Overall, the Huawei Watch Fit is a feature-packed, affordable fitness watch that will appeal to anyone wanting to kick-start or maintain an active lifestyle. It offers guided exercises, tracks a wide variety of activities and has a well-rounded suite of health and wellness monitoring to keep you on top of your fitness goals.

It measures the oxygen in your blood. The Huawei Fit has SpO2 detection. I know that sounds like chemistry jargon, but what it means is that it monitors whether you’re getting enough oxygen in your blood. I am no rocket scientist, but as someone who does fitness regularly I have been told that watching how much oxygen we are pumping into our blood as we work out is important so that we don't feel faint. And, very low blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) can result in health problems. The Huawei Fit Watch can measure SpO2 with just the simple touch of a button. It can detect SpO2 accurately and alert you as to whether an exercise is being done right.

It has good GPS. This brings me to my sixth sexy tip. It has good GPS that you can accurately use when you’re outside the house. At least, that was my experience in my village. I know this because when I was exercising outdoors, the signal of the watch did not get cut no matter which way I moved my arms. The signal of the Huawei Fit Watch kept the GPS in focus.

Why use it?

Well, at this point in my life, what is good for me may not be the most expensive gadget, so if you’re on a budget and want a fitness watch that works, the Huawei Fit Watch is good.

A slim and light fitness tracker that one can wear daily is money well spent. The Watch Fit is designed for all daywear and you’ll rarely find it uncomfortable or digging into your skin. Its lightweight and rounded edges make sure the watch doesn’t bother you during the day and when you wear it to bed.

And, most important of all, the Watch Fit is great for beginners who want quick access to basic stats and guidance to kick-start their fitness activity. There are no clunky menus or analytics to get lost in. The operating system is intuitive and you’ll have no trouble getting to your favorite workout mode or looking at the stats later on the Huawei Health app.

Just move.