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Unstoppable Love: Nico Bolzico gets honest about his loving relationship with ‘wifezilla’ Solenn Heussaff

By Nico Bolzico (as told to Brooke Villanueva) Published Feb 11, 2021 3:29 am Updated Feb 24, 2021 9:23 am

Solenn and I met three times until I realized she was the same girl.

This was like a decade ago, and because I had just arrived in the Philippines, I was going out a lot, basically, so it was the only way I could meet her—in clubs.

She was very hot—that was clearly the first impression. It was physical attraction immediately. And then when I started talking to her, I thought, “Oh, she’s really pretty, she’s really beautiful, but she’s also down-to-earth, nice to talk to, and she’s also very smart.” I was like, “Woah, there’s much more than what meets the eye. There’s a really nice person behind that.”

In the Philippines, you have different stages. You’re getting to know each other, and then you’re dating, and then you’re exclusively dating, and then you’re a couple—so many levels! I remember that we started exclusively dating in September 2011 because she told me, “By the way, I’m dating you exclusively.” For me, it’s like, there’s no other way. When you date someone, you’re exclusive. But apparently, in the Philippines, you can non-exclusively date. 

I think it was really fast with Solenn. She’s such a nice person besides having such a beautiful body. I realized she’s a really good person, I realized she’s really humble. That’s one of the main attributes of Solenn. She treats everyone the same regardless of who you are. That’s what we want to teach our daughter—that level of humility.

I saw the way she was treating everyone—waitresses, guards, me, her dad—it was all kind of the same way. That’s when I realized she’s really, really special. 

I was doing pretty much everything for her. I was very in love. I even invited her to come to Argentina to meet my parents the same year we met. We actually moved in together very fast. I knew she was the one. It’s a summatory of living with her, sharing the same house and experiences with her for three years that made me realize she was the one. It didn’t take me too long.

Our relationship is very open. We do a lot of things together, but we also do some things separately like sports, going out with friends. We have our own lives separately besides being a couple. I now party less, but it’s not because I have to give it up but because I want to give it up in exchange for something much, much more like having a fruitful relationship.

Everything became much, much better when Thylane came into our lives. When I found out she was pregnant, I was in Japan and she was here. That time, we were already trying for four months. She sent me a picture of her pregnancy test and I didn’t know how to read it. I was like, “Is it positive or negative? What is it?” I lost my signal because I was in the bus, so, for 30 minutes, I wasn’t sure if she was pregnant or not. When I got my signal back, she messaged, “Yes, stupid. I’m pregnant.” 

When Thylane was born, I was on her side at the hospital. We have so many good memories, but that tops everything. It was one of the best days of my life.

Solenn became probably the best mother I have ever seen. She became a super, super, super selfless mom. She’s super hands-on. She’s all about Thylane. She’s there for her all the time. She’s there for me all the time also. If I thought she was the best human being I’ve ever met, well, that times 10.

I love being in love with her. She’s great as a person. She’s great as a mother. She’s great as a friend. She’s great as a wife. So it’s actually having your best friend and your wife in the same person. It makes you enjoy much more life because when I share with her whatever I do, it’s much more enjoyable. We travel together, we have Thylane together, all these aspects of life are much, much better when I can share (them) with her.

I always get asked how I win her heart every day. I think it’s the little things. Every day, I prepare for her a cappuccino. Every day, I let her sleep in the morning (to)  take care of Thylane so she can rest a little bit more. Every day, I make sure that I’m free from the office at 5 p.m. so we can go for a walk with Thylane. Every day, I’m making sure that if she needs me, I’m there. Every day, you do a little and you make an effort. Every day, I try to see if we can have a date at night when we put Thylane to sleep. 

It’s every day, making it work. It’s not like, “Oh, this is a fairytale love.” No, it doesn’t exist. After a few years together, you need to really work for it, make an effort. Do small things every day and support each other. It’s a lot of work at the end of the day. That “honeymoon stage” fades. 

Besides love that’s the obvious one—trust, communication and freedom, I think, are those three pillars that you will need in your relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, there’s no future. If you don’t communicate with your partner, at the end of the day, whatever you don’t say that you want to say will eat you and it will come back in worse ways after. And if you don’t give freedom to your partner and you’re forcing her or him to do something that they don’t want, it’s also short-term. 

If there is trust, there should be freedom. And trust is built through communication. So I think those are three pillars that will hold your love and will make it very long instead of just the honeymoon stage.