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Easy techniques you can do every day to boost your immunity

By Aimee Morales Published Jan 15, 2021 12:46 am Updated Jan 15, 2021 1:06 am

As experts discover a new strain of the COVID-19 causing virus and public vaccination still seems to be months away, medical practitioners agree that boosting the body's immunity, in addition to observance of safety protocols, is still the best shield we can have against the disease.

Master Del Pe, founder of BEwell Science or the "no touch energy medicine that deals with the body's energetic field," shares some tips on how to strengthen the body's immune system so we can fight off not just COVID-19 but many other diseases and forms of intrusion into our energy system.

Breathe properly

There is a technique taught by Master Del Pe that can boost one's immune system and help the person calm down and sleep better. Good sleep will help the body recover from diseases and also align the mind, body and emotions so that one can work faster and more powerfully.

To increase oxygen in the body, try this breathing exercise: Inhale deeply and hold the breath for five seconds, then exhale slowly and hold for another five seconds before inhaling again. Do it for five minutes several times throughout the day to increase the oxygen level in the blood and strengthen the body's immunity.

Spend more time in the sun

The morning sun has the power to "disinfect" our body and infuse it with energy to heal us and make us stronger. Give your solar plexus and lungs a sun bath while "inhaling through the lungs," which is done simply by visualizing air coming into and going out of the lung area. You can also open your palms outward towards the sun to draw light and energy into the body.

Another technique is to place a glass of water under the morning sun for an hour before drinking this solarized water for added energy. You may cover the glass with a thin cloth to protect the water from dust and other contaminants. Even your bath water may be solarized before use. Add sea/rock salt into it to maximize its cleansing potential.

Tap the earth's great power

A strong source of power comes from the earth and can enter through the soles of our bare feet. Earth's energy will help boost our immunity and give us powerful muscles and bones and stronger legs.

Walk barefoot on clean ground, or draw energy from the earth into the body by stomping your bare feet on the ground and focusing on the feet while inhaling deeply. You can also visualize roots made of light growing out of your feet and going deep into the earth. Imagine the earth's energy entering your body as you breathe in.

Recognize the important role of water

Water cleanses our system, but clean mineral water and alkaline water also offer benefits. The latter, for example, helps to reduce the body's acidity, which is one of the causes of illness. Whenever possible, it is best to drink fresh water straight from a clean source. But if there is no access to natural spring water, one can drink alkaline, ionized/micronized, or hydrogenated water. There are machines available that can do this.

Explore numerous ways to heal, thrive and live longer

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