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When exactly will you need an online coach?

By MYLENE MENDOZA-DAYRIT, The Philippine STAR Published Sep 01, 2020 9:23 am

I miss the gym as I’m sure many of you do. With our entire country still spending most of our time at home, there’s no choice but to make home workouts work for now. At the start of the pandemic, home workouts were all the rage with everyone from fitness coaches to celebrities sharing their home fitness routines online.

Several Fitness YouTubers saw tremendous growth on their channels following the global pandemic and the crackdown on gatherings. With popular channels for HIIT, dance fitness and yoga amassing millions of followers.

On the flip side, many people turned to food during their quarantine. The additional time at home produced so many bakers, and home chefs — leaving many people complaining about weight gain.

Whether you are an athlete or an avid gym goer, dealing with stress or gaining extra pounds is a challenge — we all need to get back into shape. The limitations on physical contact, gathering and operation of gyms and fitness studios make that extra challenging right now but not impossible.

Do you understand your body and know what to do? Do you have the discipline and motivation to stick to a regular schedule? Have you tried and failed so many times? Are you looking for results in the next three months? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you might want to try an online coach.

More than home equipment or supplements, an online coach might be the best fitness investment you could make right now. Previously, it was only popular with people who frequently travel, have irregular schedules or just don’t need a trainer to be physically there while they exercise.

Sure, you could follow free workouts and nutrition plans, but that won’t work for everyone. Here’s why: Generic fitness programs don’t take your own personal needs, preferences, goal and lifestyle into consideration.

Even if you do see some success following your favorite free workouts on YouTube, how long will that really last? Getting a coach to customize a plan for you will help you get results faster, improve your health, help build good habits and save you precious time in the long run.

Online coaching is extremely beneficial for clients who need the guidance and support of a professional. It gives you strategies for exercising and nutrition, along with help taking action on that guidance.

Every single person has different needs and things that they struggle with, but what almost all clients need are essentially the same. People hire coaches because they need to be pushed out of their comfort zones and need help being consistent with their workouts and food choices.

Accountability is the greatest benefit of having an online coach. With an open channel of online communication, there’s less time and opportunity for bad habits to creep in. Daily or weekly check-ins via phone or chat are one of the best perks of online coaching.

Online coaching is the ultimate in training flexibility, convenience and affordability. You can remove all the guesswork out of your fitness journey without sacrificing quality.

When you create your own programs, it’s so easy to skip the last set or modify a workout you don’t feel like doing. Technology has made it very easy to communicate with your coach — even from a distance. No matter how busy you are or where you are in the world, there’s never a reason not to call your coach and renew your motivation.

Online coaching, while not free, isn’t as expensive as you think. Unlike in-person training which is paid per session, online coaches usually charge a flat rate per month, which varies depending on the amount of service included.

Typically, online coaching includes a workout program, check-in calls and an open channel of communication for questions. You can have a fitness, nutrition and wellness consultant no matter where you reside. You can remove all the guesswork out of your fitness journey without sacrificing quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person training. It is the ultimate in training flexibility, convenience and affordability.

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