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Manila Hearing Aid brings the new Oticon Real™ hearing aids to PH

Published May 23, 2023 4:00 pm

There are various sounds surrounding people every day. Apart from hearing conversations, ears can also pick up background noises such as coins dropping on wooden floors, jeepney beeps, and motorcycle throttles, all while staying focused on a conversation. 

However, for people who wear hearing aids, these sudden background noises can sometimes be a problem. 

Old hearing aid technology doesn't have features that seamlessly stabilize sudden sounds that the microphone of hearing aids picks up. This can cause discomfort for the wearer when both speech and noise are amplified at the same time. 

This is where Oticon Real™ hearing aids can enhance real-world sounds and experience. The newest features of this latest premium hearing aid model are designed to help people with hearing loss better handle different listening environments while staying sharp during conversations.

Oticon Real™ is a new hearing aid family launched in February 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the home of Oticon, one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

Since its launch, the product has been distributed and recognized by several countries from the USA to Asia.

“Oticon continues to deliver new ways to improve the listening experience for people with hearing loss,” said Oticon president Gary Rosenblum. “By improving speech clarity and minimizing distractions, Oticon Real allows users to hear a real difference and stay sharp when it matters most.”

As part of its commitment to providing premier hearing care in the country, Manila Hearing Aid (MHA) introduces the Oticon Real™ hearing aid to all its patients on May 22, on all digital channels including its website and social media. The company distributes the latest hearing aid, giving patients access to this cutting-edge technology.

“We are thrilled to bring Oticon Real™ hearing aids to the Philippine market," said Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, MHA general manager. “With Oticon Real™, it expands MHA’s portfolio and allows us to provide innovative hearing care solutions that meet the changing needs of Filipinos who are hard-of-hearing."

Experiencing real-life sounds with Oticon

With Oticon Real™, users experience a new level of sound quality and personalized support with its newest innovative technology designed to produce real-life sounds. It also comes with new features that balance soft and loud sudden sounds and stabilizes wind and handling noise. Oticon Real™ hearing aids incorporate the latest advancements in hearing technology to deliver comfortable access to all relevant sounds.

Powered by the new Polaris R platform, it processes sounds quickly and accurately to provide clear sound quality while automatically reducing irrelevant noise. These features make it more comfortable for the user to hear speech in any environment.

The platform also features RealSound Technology™ which includes two new innovations: Wind & Handling Stabilizer and SuddenSound Stabilizer. These features process complex and unpredictable sounds with great speed and precision, ensuring that they are accessible but not disruptive. Speech and other surrounding sounds remain clear, so the brain receives access to the full sound scene.

In addition, Oticon Real™ works like how your brain processes sound because of its BrainHearing technology, which helps the brain function at its best by providing access to all the meaningful sounds around the user in perfect balance.

This latest product from one of the global leaders in hearing aid technology helps users stay sharp and focused in the real world by giving emphasis on speech while leaving disruptive sounds behind. Oticon Real™ is backed up by extensive and recent research and evidence, proving that it offers real-life benefits

Connectivity features and accessories

For hassle-free connectivity, Oticon Real™is compatible with select iPhone and iPad devices and can act as a wireless headset for hands-free phone and video calls. Users can also enjoy high-quality streaming from their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and select Android devices. 

Hearing aid accessories are available to boost the user’s hearing aid experience. Rechargeable hearing aids like Oticon Real are compatible with SmartCharger, as well as ConnectClip, a device that transforms a hearing aid into a wireless headset. 

The Oticon Real™ hearing aid is available at all Manila Hearing Aid clinics nationwide, under the new two-year warranty program.

To know the right hearing aid for you, MHA offers accurate hearing testing evaluation, together with hearing aid fitting to learn which Oticon hearing aid suits the patient’s lifestyle and hearing care needs, with guidance from a highly-skilled hearing care specialist throughout the patient’s hearing care journey.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Manila Hearing Aid.