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Year of the Wood Dragon 2024: What the stars say about your year ahead

By Brooke Villanueva Published Feb 06, 2024 8:23 pm

Wondering what the stars have in store for you in the coming Chinese New Year?

The Year of the Wood Dragon begins on Feb. 10. Joey Yap, Chinese metaphysics master and feng shui expert, said it’s a “Grand Duke” year, which is believed to be inauspicious in Chinese tradition as some zodiac animal signs (dragon, rooster, horse, and pig) could clash with the Tai Sui—the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the year. This means that they could face a number of setbacks and challenges in different aspects of their lives in 2024.

According to Yap, knowing what’s coming and taking conscious actions can minimize its negative impacts and activate the auspicious stars you would need for a prosperous Lunar New Year.

It’s important to understand, however, that astrology does not offer life predictions in any way. “It’s just a forecast, but you have to match the good stars with good actions to get good outcome,” he told PhilSTAR L!fe. “In astrology, it says what stars are there and you have to make the choice to use the energies to become successful. Even if you’re surrounded by all the good stars but you’re lazy, and you don’t know what decision to make and you’re indecisive, it’s still going to be a bad year for you.” 

Yap said it’s all about being proactive as you use the stars as your guide. “Two people can be born with the same animal sign—one takes action, the other one doesn’t, and it's gonna be different for both of them,” he said.

Here is Yap’s forecast for each sign in the Year of the Wood Dragon.

The Chance Champions

According to Yap, the Chance Champions are the ones who could be presented with various opportunities to be successful and meet good people—“at the right place, at the right time.”


Career and money: In your career and other pursuits, there will be possibilities of an appearance of helpful people. The problem with these helpful people is they’re not very friendly, so you have to find a way to convince them to assist you in getting what you want. Don't be surprised that in 2024, there could be a lot of epiphanies and realizations on how you can make more money. If you go along with it, with the right mentors, you could start a side gig or a side business, which is a good opportunity for you.

Health: You could experience some minor problems with your health, including chronic conditions like high blood pressure, hypergycemia, and diabetes. Take care of yourself by undergoing medical check-ups and treatment on a timely basis.

Love: Romance is looking good for the goats who are in a relationship, especially when it comes to stability and harmony. For singles, it's a good time to explore connections with people you know as there's a chance for them to turn into something more.


Career and money: This is a great year for you to sell your properties or assets and boost your wealth. There will be a lot of opportunities to meet people who are experts in their field. If you’re willing to learn from them, you could discover ways to make more money, become a better human being, and serve your community.

Health: Keep your health in check as there are potential health hazards for you this year. If you're experiencing any sort of discomfort or illness, consult with a doctor so you can feel better fast.

Love: Focus on growth and improvement this year to boost your luck in love. Be patient if you're courting someone. If you're married, you are in for a joyful 2024 with the love of your life.


Career and money: Tiger has one star called the “sky horse,” which involves trading. Back in the day, people with this traveling star would go out of their village, make money outside, and bring them home. But today, you don’t have to do that. You just have to enter the market online and if you do your research, your understand what others are doing, there would be a lot of opportunities in the volatile market for you to be able to profit from. 

Health: Put safety at the top of your priorities. Don't engage in risky activities to prevent any kind of physical injury. Provide support to the people who need it for their emotional and mental well-being.

Love: It could be a challenge for tigers in the romance department this year. Singles could have a difficult time finding love, while those who are in a relationship could see signs of falling out. Let kindness, compassion, and commitment shine in all your actions to overcome potential problems along the way.

Fortune Masters 

Those who belong to the Fortune Masters group are the ones whose hard work in the past year could finally come into fruition.

“These three have to leverage on their past connections, focus on the goal they had before, reevaluate some strategies, and make a little bit of changes in order to find success,” Yap said, adding that they have the most wealth stars this year. 


Career and money: Snake is considered one of the most beneficial signs this year because you have the star called the “sun.” When the sun arrives, all evil subsides. If you've been going through a lot of challenges and problems in the past, this is the time for you to see them dissipating. The only problem is a lot of people will be asking you for help, and if you reject them, no good luck can happen. Try to put others first just like the sun and you'll be surprised by how many problems, including your own, you could solve in the process. You can also make more money by providing more value to other people.

Health: Keep your immune system strong by getting enough sleep and squeezing physical activities into your days. 

Love: There could be some room for romantic encounters, so keep your heart open for such if you're still single. If you're in a relationship, you can expect your love to be even more harmonious and delightful with your partner this year.


Career and money: The Ox has a star containing a myriad of wealth elements. If you have already accumulated very strong intellectual properties, intellectual assets, or bought stuff over the years, this is the time for you to sell them and make good money from them. You can also keep your wealth goals in track by not overspending and avoiding risky ventures.

Health: As you elevate your wealth and career, make sure to look after yourself, too. Say no to overworking, keep a good hygiene, and undergo regular check-ups for good health throughout 2024.

Love: There will be a special alignment of stars that could help men get lucky in romance, making it the perfect time to find love. For women, the best way to maximize your love luck is by embracing sincerity in your quest for The One.


Career and money: Since the pig has the “emperor star,” it means there could be a lot of leadership opportunities presented to you this year. You have to see yourself as the emperor. Are you giving good advice or are you someone that's indecisive or weak when it comes to decision-making? If you’re weak and you listen to all the rumors, then this is one of those years when you’re going to have a lot of problems because emperors are also surrounded by bootlickers. A lot of people flatter you, they’ll say nice things about you, and in the end, they’ll take advantage of your resources. But if you’re a good emperor, you will succeed and it’s going be a fantastic year for you as it means you'd have access to a lot of talents and you'd know how to direct and use other people’s talents for the good.

Health: You should be extra careful when engaging in physical activities as you could be prone to injuries and illnesses. Watch out for gastrointestinal issues and do away with plans that could increase your risk of fractures. 

Love: There's a chance for singles to date someone from their inner circle this year. For married individuals, try to avoid situations that could ruin your relationship and focus on the ones that could strengthen your commitment as a couple.

The Tenacious Challengers

This group possibly has the “most challenging stars” for the year, Yap said.

His advice for the Tenacious Challengers? “Don’t give up on a bad day,” he stressed, highlighting the importance of staying persistent, resilient, and strategic in tackling problems this 2024.


Career and money: If you have the dragon in your birth chart, you are called the “Grand Duke” of the year. Generally, in ancient China, people don’t like attention. If you’re someone who loves it, could thrive on it, and could use it to your advantage, then 2024 is going to be your year. But if you’re one of those who like keeping a low profile, then there could be some trouble because people could still pay attention to you. Low profile, bad choice. High profile, good choice. Take the pressure—it’s great.

Health: Avoid stressful situations at work as they could take a toll on your mental health. Make time for dynamic activities like Qi Gong and Tai Chi for health and wellness.

Love: Single dragons could embark on a romantic journey with some bumps along the way. Married ones should focus on being patient and understanding when it comes to their partner's dreams.


Career and money: Monkeys have a lot of bad stars, but they have one good star called the "three stages." Since it's like a platform where you stand to receive your medal, it represents increase or promotion. But because you have bad stars, it means you’re going to have to take on a lot of problems, most likely other people’s problems that you have to solve, in order to get promoted. You have to consider whether you want to take on a new role as some people don’t like trouble in their lives. 

Health: Put your health first and exercise caution when engaging in high-risk sports. Have yourself checked by a medical professional on a regular basis to prevent health complications of any kind.

Love: There is potential for new and magical connections if you keep your heart filled with love throughout the year.


Career and money: Many opportunities for wealth are in store for you. Be on the lookout for side hustles and avoid risky ventures to save yourself from financial setbacks.

Health: Pay close attention to health issues related to the limbs like cuts and sprains. Be extra careful when taking part in activities that could lead to injuries. Stay healthy by working out regularly and following a balanced diet.

Love: This is one of the best years to look inwards and find the respect, love, and self-esteem that you need. If you want to be loved, love yourself first.

The Skillful Scribers

This group is going to make progress in their lives this Lunar New Year. According to Yap, "phenomenal growth opportunities, either personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, or even spiritually," are in store for the Skillful Scribers. "This group needs to embrace change as it's going to happen this year. Focus on personal and professional development, and be open to inspiration. If you do that, you will succeed," he said.


Career and money: The horse has only three good stars and 11 bad stars. If you know how to focus on the good, then it's going to be a fantastic year for you. There's a chance for you to become popular and achieve recognition, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to contribute energy and work hard for what you want. There might be times when you have to give up what you want to do in order to do what you need to do, in order to get where you want to be. If you can learn to let go, it's going to be painful—but a bigger achievement awaits you.

Health: Don't engage much in high-risk sports and activities as there's a chance for you to get hurt. Address health concerns as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse.

Love: Romantic opportunities are in store for single horses. For those who are coupled up, you can find yourself in a lot of gatherings with you and your partner's nearest and dearest this year.

Rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Career and money: Rats have one of the most precious wealth stars this 2024. It represents a chest and its lock, but inside the chest is a lot of gold. There is a chance for you to be rewarded for your projects, so it's good to think about what you can do a grand launch on. Don't just wait for good things to happen to you. If you match it with the right actions, you can be rewarded with this specific star.

Health: Address minor health problems like the flu, cough, or sore throat as soon as you get them. Keep yourself healthy by opting for nutritious foods and working out to reduce your chances of getting sick.

Love: If you're single, 2024 is the perfect year to find your significant other. The year holds the potential for long and lasting love, making it a good one for rats in romance.


Career and money: The dog clashes with the "Grand Duke" or the dragon, so major changes are needed in your life, including your environment. Be open to change, embrace it, direct it towards what you want to do, and the outcome will be fantastic for you.

Health: Take extra caution when you're on the road to avoid accidents. Stay healthy by following a balanced diet. Watch out for gastrointestinal and skin issues, and address them as soon as possible if you experience them.

Love: It's time to appreciate the beauty of solitude and keeping your circle small. If you're in a relationship, keep it strong through heart-to-heart talks and sweet gestures.

To discover detailed information about the 12 animals for the year 2024, download the Thriver’s Guide by Joey Yap at The Thriver’s Guide 2024 is designed in a way to make it accessible even to beginners with no prior knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics, and help them quickly grasp and apply the information within.