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Montana woman faces investigation for killing and skinning husky dog who she thought was a wolf

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Sep 28, 2022 10:22 am

Trigger warning: Animal abuse

A woman from Montana is bearing the brunt of public outrage after she boasted that she had killed and skinned a Siberian husky, mistakingly identifying it as a wolf.

In a now deleted post, Amber Rose published on her Facebook a series of graphic photos showing the dead carcass of the dog, which she had turned into a fur rug in the bed of her pickup truck. She reportedly killed the animal somewhere in Montana's Flathead County because she thought it was a "hybrid wolf pup".

In her caption, she wrote, "So this morning, I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear. However, I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup. [It] was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup."

The post instantly came under fire, with many angered and disturbed at Rose's actions in killing a dog and questioned her capability and knowledge as a hunter.

"Amber Rose is a disgusting human and an idiot to be unable to distinguish a wolf from a husky. She should never be allowed to hunt again," one user posted on Facebook.

Another one wrote, "How are you a hunter and don't even know your animals? Disgusting. It is blatantly obvious that this is not a wolf. Even if this was a wolf—she shot and killed what she says in this post is a wolf pup. You dont kill offspring of animals any way when you hunt—that's messed up."

After receiving immense backlash, Rose published another post on Facebook to defend her actions and address those criticizing her qualifications as a hunter, which she also later deleted.

"A lot of things in your articles and posts are not true whatsoever," Rose wrote. "I purchased my wolf tag prior to leaving for a bear hunt in the event I ran into a wolf, in which I thought could be a hybrid."

She said that her safety was her top priority and that she was not aware that several dogs were left in the area.

"This animal was growling, howling, and coming at me like it was going to eat me. Yes, I made a mistake because I did think it was a hybrid wolf pup, but I was not aware of 19 dogs being dropped 11 miles into the wilderness," Rose explained.

She went on to say that her decision to shoot the dog wouldn't change, "Either way, yes, I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me! So please remove all your posts thinking I just shot and killed someone's pet."

"I am human. I did make a mistake thinking it was a hybrid wolf pup. However, there are no charges against me as I did not break any laws. I'm not a cruel individual just killing people's pets," she added.

Rose's actions have reached the deputies from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, who released a statement saying that they had been contacted by local citizens who "picked up several husky and shepherd mix dogs" in an area of Flathead National Forest. They have now found 11 of the dogs, but that they were advised that one of them may have been shot.

The officers said that an investigation has now been launched regarding Rose's actions, but did not specify what punishment she could face should she be charged.