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Plane makes emergency landing after door bursts open mid-flight in Brazil

By Harold Lemon Tubiano Published Jun 18, 2023 3:08 pm

Passengers had a spine-chilling flight as the emergency door of their plane burst open while it was a thousand feet above the ground. 

The incident took place 30 minutes after the Embraer-110 operated by NHR Táxi Aéreo departed from Sao Luis en route to Salvador on Monday, June 12. It had members of South American singer Tierry's band, who were returning home from a performance.

A video clip circulating on social media showed a frightening view outside as the Brazillian plane moved through the clouds. 

Instruments and luggage were seen positioned near the rear of the aircraft, not so far from the hatch that suddenly opened as the air rushed in. 

Nevertheless, everyone remained calm in their seats as they tried to look away from the opened hatch.

Emergency rescuers said no passenger was reportedly hurt on board including the singers who were taken safely back to their hotels.

The terrifying occurrence prompted the pilot to take an emergency landing.

The aviation authorities are now looking into an immediate investigation of the said incident following a group of six people, including a child and an infant, who survived a sudden power loss of a plane in Brazil earlier this year.