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Indonesia man to enter 88th marriage; bride is ex-wife from the 86th one

By NICK GARCIA Published Nov 04, 2022 4:35 pm

Weddings are usually considered a once in a lifetime experience, though there are people who remarry due to several—and perfectly understandable—reasons.

Love can be sweeter the second time around, the third time can be the charm, sure, but what if it's more than that? And by more, it means way, way more.

Not just the 5th, not just the 10th, not just the 20th—even the 50th—but the 88th marriage already? That's precisely the case of a man in Indonesia.

The India Times reported that the man, identified as Kaan, will be tying the knot anew at the ripe age of 61.

To make things more interesting, Kaan's bride is none other than his ex-wife from his 86th marriage.

Kaan, a farmer hailing from Majalengka town in West Java province, reportedly said he could not refuse his ex-wife from returning to him.

Though their marriage reportedly lasted for a month only, he said the love between them is "still going strong," as she's still "head over heels" for him, the India Times reported.

How did the 61-year-old enter 87 marriages before? Kaan reportedly said he first got married to a 16-year-old when he was 14. Their relationship, he said, lasted for two years.

"Due to my poor attitude then, my wife asked for a divorce after two years into the marriage," MalayMail quoted him as saying. He didn't elaborate on the poor attitude he's referring to.

After parting ways with his first wife, Kaan reportedly said he decided to "seek spiritual help," making women "go crazy" for him. As a result, he got the moniker "Playboy King."

But over the years of entering one marriage after another, he emphasized that he didn't commit "immorality." He also said he doesn't want to do things that "are not good" for women, as well as "play with their emotions."

It's unclear if he has children with his 87 marriages, and how many.

It's also unknown what the identities of his ex-wives are, and whether he remarried some of them in the past.