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Disneyland Paris worker snatches ring from man proposing in viral video

By NICK GARCIA Published Jun 05, 2022 12:47 pm

In Paris, a marriage proposal at theme park Disneyland, dubbed as the "happiest place on Earth," just got unhappy. In a now-viral video, a park employee seizes the engagement ring from a man just as he's popping the question.

In the 21-second viral video, a man in white is kneeling in front of his partner while they're on a stage against the facade of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The woman in blue covers her mouth in awe, as the crowd can be heard cheering for them.

But a Disneyland employee makes a beeline for them and snatches the ring, as he directs the couple to go down the platform.

The seemingly confused man then tells the employee in a soft voice, "She said yes."

“Yes, that’s great!” the employee responds. "But over here, it's gonna be even better," away from the stage and the picturesque castle.

The crowd's faint boos can be heard as the clip ends.

Reddit user u/wasgehtlan, who claims to know the man proposing, originally posted the video on the subreddit "People who actively act like a piece of shit" last June 3.

The post, with the title, “POS destroyed my best friends (sic) moment. He asked for permission beforehand," got over 94,000 upvotes and 10,000 comments as of this writing, and has since been reposted several times.

"Man it seems like he was so happy to ruin the moment," one user said of the Disneyland employee.

"And he actually snatched the ring out of the dude’s hands. Wtaf, use your words, don’t assault a guest," another user said.

Another user, meanwhile, commended the man for maintaining his composure during the otherwise provoking situation. "Great show of character to your wife to be."

Some netizens, meanwhile, came to the defense of the employee.

"People don’t you see the fence? I‘m quite sure that the employees are responsible to remove anyone beyond those fences," a commenter said, though noting that it's still "weird" for the employee in question to take the ring from the man as it wasn't the "best idea."

A Twitter user said the park employee was simply doing the job he’s assigned to do.

"It doesn’t matter what is happening up there, people aren’t supposed to be there. Period," the user wrote. "What’s he supposed to do? Ignore it just because it’s a proposal and then get fired or written up? Not worth if for guests breaking the rules."

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, claimed the couple hopped a fence during the proposal, and that he supposedly knows the worker.

"I go 3-5 times a year there is clear signage restricting access for that platform to the Small World performers," the user said. "The gentleman who interrupted them is a great guy, Javier, who has always been pleasant to my family."

Online magazine Newsweek reported that a Disney spokesperson confirmed that the video took place in Disneyland Paris.

The spokesperson, according to Newsweek, said the management has already reached out to the couple for redress.

"We regret how this was handled," Newsweek quoted the Disney spokesperson as saying. "We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right."