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Top 5: Kakie Pangilinan’s most iconic Twitter clapbacks

By Brooke Villanueva Published Oct 20, 2020 2:43 pm

From being just Ate Shawie's Baby Frankie way back, Kakie Pangilinan is suddenly more admired these days for embodying “woke."

Being born to affluent public figures for parents might have made her susceptible to bashing, but that has not really stopped her from showing teeth. Kakie, at 19, she speaks out on Twitter not about makeup or boy bands—but on politics, culture, and what-have-you talking about the social climate. With it, she easily stirs up heat among netizens with varyings views and beliefs and naturally gets "attacked" by "trolls"—you know, those anonymous profiles who reportedly receive payment just to criticize someone.

Yet, representing the more open-minded and online educated Gen Zs, Kakie is known to clap back at haters online with facts and fierceness that come out altogether inspiring and RT- or screenshot-worthy. Her signature delivery: Never passive-aggressive, always savagely graceful.

Here are some of the most memorable Twitter moments featuring this celebrity-baby-no-more, which despite her youth have already made her—we're claiming it—iconic.

When she responded to the President’s claim that her parents’ marriage was on the rocks… Duterte mentioned this off topic in his Bonifacio Day speech last year, criticizing opposition Senator Kiko Pangilinan on the law the latter has authored. The president said that the "Pangilinan law," which earlier set the minimum age of criminal responsibility to 15, would encourage those below that age to commit more crimes. Duterte would later claim in the speech, "Pinapaalis na nga ng asawa niya sa bahay niya, ayaw kay wala ibang matirahan. Totoo. Tanungin mo... At kung sabihin mo nagsisinungaling ako, I will resign."

When she took part in the trending hashtag #WeBlockAsOne… Kakie proudly supported #WeBlockAsOne, a mass movement that fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have initiated to report administration supporter and blogger Banat By. The latter has earlier hit KathNiel on their support for ABS-CBN, as the network fought for its franchise renewal middle this year. Kakie, for her part, shared screenshots of a netizen’s hate message directed at her. She then added photos of herself in the thread and wrote “anyway i have a brain and a mirror lmao” in the caption.  

When Kakie answered back Ben Tulfo’s tweet... Opposing Lucban Municipal Police Station's victim-blaming social media post in the context of rape, Kakie first tweeted about "teaching people not to rape" instead of "teaching girls not to dress." Tulfo, calling Kakie "hija" in a tweet, then argued that women should be rather "careful" with what they would wear in public as to not “(invite) the beast."

When she responded to trolls attacking her physical appearance...

When she countered a basher who claimed she’s “full of angst"... Kakie, said the netizen, was giving rise to her mom’s “intermittent anxiety attacks." Opening up about her clinical anxiety since she was 14, Kakie then shut the Twitter user down right away to her mom's honor.

Article thumbnails taken from Kakie Pangilinan's Instagram account