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EJ Obiena's accuser Anais Lavillenie apologizes for doping claims

By Camille Santiago Published Oct 27, 2023 11:15 am

EJ Obiena has forgiven Anais Lavillenie, the wife of former Olympic gold medalist Renaud Lavillenie, who accused him of doping.

Sharing a signed letter he received from Anais, EJ on social media said that he "accept[s]" the apology, which for him "closes this matter."

"I accept this. She admits she was wrong and she admits what she did was wrong. This fact, alongside all other facts, makes it clear. I am a 100% CLEAN ATHLETE," EJ wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

“This for me closes this matter,” EJ added. "Let us all be the bigger person and move forward from this."

In her letter, Anais said she sincerely apologizes for "writing untruthful words" on a public social media post about EJ and his coach Vitaly Petrov.

"I made a stupid amalgam that I should never have done and written, I admit, and that's why I deleted the comment after the fact but the damage was done. I am sincerely sorry. I am aware that I have disrespected you and your coach and I deeply regret my act. Thank you for understanding my apologies for my unacceptable behavior," she wrote, wishing him luck on his training.

EJ previously denied these allegations by providing results of 34 drug tests conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency, including 11 this year.

The world No. 2 pole vaulter also submitted himself to a polygraph lie detector test and the EyeDetect to prove his innocence.

“Normally I would have ignored such noise. But given the source, a former elite pole vaulter and wife of a former Olympic champion and world-record holder, I was compelled to react to aggressively defend myself,” he said.

EJ explained that he had to go through all these tests because he knows that he has never doped.

"What I have accomplished is from countless hours of rigorous hard work with my team, in a land far from my family, home and country," EJ added. "I shall always strive to do what is right and be the bigger person. To conduct myself with honor and dignity."

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EJ's camp previously said they would pursue legal actions if Anais didn't apologize for her comment: "Obeina [sic] doped and it'll fall like Braz. Same coach, Same plan, same objective!"

"Accountability is important, and a proper apology and retraction is an acceptable form of accountability," James Lafferty, EJ's mentor and sponsor, said.

EJ recently won a gold medal at the 19th Asian Games. He will continue training for the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024.