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TRANSCRIPT: Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Top 11 Q&A

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published May 29, 2023 12:02 am Updated May 29, 2023 12:22 am

After impressing the crowd with their ravishing looks, the top 11 Binibining Pilipinas candidates proved that they both have the beauty and brains of a true queen in the pageant's question-and-answer segment tonight, May 28.

During the competition's final round, each of the Filipina beauties was given 30 seconds to answer a question from their assigned panelist all while displaying grace under pressure in front of a jam-packed Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The questions tested the beauty queens' knowledge and take on their advocacies, social media, the similarities of a beauty queen to a politician, as well as the challenges of fulfilling their dream to be a beauty queen.

Here's a look back on how they performed in the Q&A portion:

Q: At a time when times are candidates pursue different advocacies Bb. 38, my question for you is, did you choose your advocacy or did your advocacy choose you? And why do you say so?

Bb. 38, Lea Macapagal: I grew up with the underprivileged marginalized sub-sector in Bataan, which is our indigenous people I that I grew up with them I played with them I even went to the same school with them. I even supported the education by producing laptop with the help of our LGU. And this advocacy did not choose me because up until now that I work in a construction company, the indigenous people of Bataan is the heart and soul of my construction company and I am proud about it. Thank you very much.

Q: What truly wins to you, is it love or character?

Bb. 29, Trisha Martinez: As the youngest member of the family, I have a very loving parents. My siblings, ate and kuyas has instilled the value of love. So I was told that the world will hurt me but I learned that in all aspects of life we have to choose love. And I have learned that my love will always be bigger than all things even if the work is hurting me. So I will choose love. Thank you. 

Q: What are you most unapologetic for when it comes to your personal values?

Bb. 33, Katrina Johnson: When I am most unapologetic for is my authenticity, my honesty, my sincerity. My parents really instilled those values into me at a young age showing me that you can accomplish anything in the world that you put your mind to, as long as you're loyal to who you are and who you are in your heart. And I really hope that I'm able to inspire other people standing on the stage showing you that even though you may not fit the societal norm, if you are who you are, then you are able to show that to the world.

Q: Do you think it is inappropriate and polarizing for a beauty queen to express her political views?

Bb. 36, Mary Balana: As a beauty queen as a queen who stands in front of everyone, it is important for a queen to express her political views. A queen must know how to stand on her grounds and be able to express herself because it's true understanding what's going on to our society that we will be able to know what to do and that should come for us queen and as well as to our leaders in our country. So again, for me, it is important that we can express our own political views without being hard on me

Q: In what ways is a beauty pageant candidate aiming for a crowd, similar to a politician running for an electoral post?

Bb. 24, Anna Lakrini: As someone who's joining for the second time, I know that a beauty pageant has a platform on which we can talk about causes that are dear to our heart. My cause that is dear to my heart is nutrition. And as a nutritional scientists, as an advocate for proper nutrition, I know that in advocating with this platform from Binibining Pilipinas we can inspire so many people and a politician can inspire our whole community and so can we.

Q: In what ways have you been kind to yourself and maintain happiness in your personal space amidst the challenges of joining a beauty pageant?

Bb. 15, Jessilen Salvador: As I have said before I joined Binibining Pilipinas to conquer my fear to be in this very stage. And the kindness that I gave and I have gained in this pageant is that I have a sister who had always been there for me. And then you know that sister who had been Binibining Pilipinas really matters and up until the end, they will really matter and they will always be there for you no matter what happens. Thank you.

Q: A beauty queen stated in an interview that removing the age requirement in beauty pageants may delay, pageants’ hopes in pursuing her dream. What are your thoughts on this?

Bb. 11, Kiaragiel Gregorio: Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with increasing age limits within pageantry. This is because as women, we are here to be of service of the of the people in front of us and the people that we can aspire to be a vector of hope to. And becoming a beauty queen we are able to, we are able to inspire a lot of people and be a vector of hope in order to pursue our advocacies. For example, I aim to pursue my advocacy in inspiring humanity in reducing inequality, and installing these institutions within. Thank you.

Q: What makes you a Binibini who walks the talk and who is beyond mere self promotion?

Bb. 6, Angelica Lopez: I stand here tonight because it is my mother that instilled in me the values and the morals that I'm using to be the woman that I am now today. A woman who has the strength, courage, and tenacity, the strength to decide for herself what she wants, really works hard to achieve this to also have the courage to face any obstacles of Life and tenacity to hold on to her wisdom of choice. And I believe it is always a dream come true to be here. And that is why I am a Binibini that I've always meant to be. Thank you.

Q: Social media definitely create engagement in pageantry. However, some observe that these are shallow and non-lasting connections. Bb. 16, what are your thoughts on this social situation we are facing now? 

Bb. 16, Atasha Parani: As a public figure and as someone from ABS-CBN who gives service to the Filipino, what I believe is that in social media, it's not just connection, but as well engagement and touching other people's lives with the heart that you have: a heart of gold. And for me my advocacy is for the children, the children who have been domestically abused, and if I were to imagine to inspire them, and see that younger self of mine in the mirror every single day, then I would do it another time. Like it's my ultimate last chance. I just really want to show everyone that was social media and every platform you can still move people in the world. Thank you.

Q: You undergo a lot of hard and heavy training to turn you into a total package candidate. My question for you Bb. 14 is how do you balance good health and diet?

Bb. 14, Jeanne Bilasano: As a Binibini, it's important that we take care of our body, but at the same time I want to advocate for good body positivity. So at the same time it can be hard on Binibinis to maintain your figure. And I want to tell everybody that no matter what size, shape or figure you are, as long as you're happy with your body, as long as you're happy with yourself, that's the best thing you can do to be to be in the perfect shape. Thank you.

Q: The dream of becoming a queen can literally be costly or expensive. Bb. 39, what are your sentiments are the high costs or expense as a pageant candidate face yes when joining a pageant nowadays?

Bb. 39, Loraine Jara: Good evening. Coming to this pageant, I am weaponless—no experiences. This is my first national passion. However, I am very happy that I always feel the love and support of my family the people around me and I am proud to say that I pursued this and I am very grateful that this people show their love to me. And through that I am capable and I am fearless. And because of that, I believe that this should not be costly because once you become fearless or dreams become limitless.