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PH Super Junior fans cause #CancelTropangLOL to trend after insensitive question on variety show

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Aug 12, 2022 2:01 pm

It seems that the local variety show Tropang LOL has caught the ire of Pinoy fans of the K-pop group, Super Junior, after an insensitive question about the death of one of the member's father was featured on the show.

During the late-morning show's "Maritest" segment, where contestants try to answer showbiz-related items, one of the trivia questions referred to the recent postponed concert of Super Junior, which was supposed to happen in Manila on Aug. 6. The group instead opted for a meet and greet with the fans.

The reason for the postponement was because member Eunhyuk's father passed away a day before the concert. It was also because member Siwon tested positive for COVID-19.

Contestant Pooh was asked by host Alex Gonzaga about which among the K-pop groups had postponed the said concert because one of the member's father had died. He was given the choice between Super Junior, Seventeen, GOT7, and SHINee. 

Pooh admitted that he was not that knowledgeable when it comes to K-pop groups and that's why he used one of his "Chikalalay" lifelines to ask for help from the other hosts, leading Pooh to identify the K-pop group.

While the Tropang LOL hosts celebrated Pooh's correct answer, Filipino fans of Super Junior, who are called ELFs, were not pleased by the show's inclusion of the rather "insensitive" question.

Fans took to Twitter to air their sentiments, leading to the hashtag #CancelTropangLOL to top the platform's trending topics list.

One user reasoned that it was because the show was making light of a tragic incident.

"For those people making this a political matter, it's not. It is simply about being sensitive and decent enough not to make fun of one's grief. No one wants to experience that kind of situation, especially sudden. You don't poke fun at someone's pain," the tweet read.

Another user shared the same sentiment, "I'm not a fan of SuJu (Super Junior) pero [what the heck]! This is so insensitive of them. Why would they ask that kind of question? Death is not a joke! If Eunhyuk sees this, I don't know what to say anymore! Nakakahiya."

"SuJu or not. K-pop or not. Celebrity or not. NEVER EVER MAKE JOKES ABOUT SOMEONE’S LOSS AND TRAGEDY," another one wrote.

Some have also directed their anger towards host Wacky Kiray's joke. After Pooh chose his final answer, Kiray blurted, "Mahilig pa naman si Pooh sa mga 'Super Junior'."

"He’s basically implying that Pooh (the player) likes YOUNGER MALES. Wacky, why use the Super Junior brand for such a thoughtless, mannerless statement?" one user wrote.

"Aside from the question, they even used SuJu's name as a joke about the player being fond of younger males, plus both of their last statements too!!" another one tweeted.

Happee Sy-Go, Chief Operating Officer of PULP Live World, the live events company that handled Super Junior's postponed concert, also took to Twitter to express her disappointment with what the show did.

Sy-Go explained that members of Super Junior are like "family" to them which is why Tropang LOL's question was deemed insensitive.

"When they hurt, we hurt. That's how it is. We turn to them during our lowest moments, and they've learned to trust us with their vulnerabilities during theirs. It was a bittersweet day last Aug. 6," she wrote.

She continued, "Not everything is a joke, let's not normalize stupidity & tactlessness. Nowadays kasi parang lahat nalang ginagawang joke or 'for content purposes'. Para lang maging trending, wa nang pakialam sa mararamdaman ng iba. Huwag naman sana ganun."

Sy-Go ended her post by saying that K-pop fans do not like picking fights, but that they are just defending the idols that they care about.

"Instead of normalizing the ugly sides of human nature, why not emphasize on 'accountability', 'principle', 'honor', 'respect'? 'Yan ang mga bagay na parang nawawala na ngayon, lalo na pag gusto mag trending or mapansin," she wrote.