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Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, doubling their kin within the same year

By Melanie Uson Published May 06, 2023 2:28 pm

Seems like Christmas will surely be merry for this family!

Four of six sisters in Scotland surprised each other by saying that they are pregnant and are all due this year. 

According to a report by FOX News, first-time mom Kayleigh Stewart, 29, and mom-of-one Jay Goodwillie, 35, are set to welcome their baby boys in May. 

Their eldest sister, Kerry-Anne Thomson, 41, and youngest Amy Goodwillie, 24 are in the early stage of their pregnancies, and are set to welcome their own second child in August and October this year. 

“Jay and I found out first," Kayleigh told SWNS. "Jay had been trying, but it was a surprise for me.” 

"We were on FaceTime and she said, 'I've got something to tell you'. I said 'No chance, me too,” she recalled, sharing the good news with her sister. 

Aside from their birth due, Kayleigh and Jay shared the pregnancy announcement and gender reveal parties. 

"A few weeks later we decided to tell the family at the same time, wearing [pregnancy announcement] t-shirts. They thought I was wearing a t-shirt for Jay,” said Kayleigh. 

For her part, Jay shared, “Kayleigh and I did a joint gender reveal, and there are no boys in the family, and both of us are having boys.” 

With the coincidence, their family will double up from having previously having four grandchildren to having eight this year alone. 

Jay also shared how special their pregnancies would be, as they will be able to help each other given that the three of them had their first child. 

“It’s good that our babies will grow up around the same time as well and we’ll all be going through similar stages and stuff together,” she said. 

"Our mom is so excited," Kayleigh said. "She is going to be everyone’s birthing partner. There will be a lot of hand-me-downs."