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Man kills his workplace crush's boyfriend after getting rejected multiple times

By Melanie Uson Published Sep 22, 2023 9:01 pm

After rejecting who she thought was a simple admirer, a woman lost her boyfriend after her co-worker, who has a crush on her, shot him to death.

The San Mateo Police District announced on Friday, Sept. 15, that Kevin Prasad, a 37-year-old former airport staff is guilty of killing the victim identified as Mark Mangaccat—the boyfriend of his workplace crush Thandar Seinn. 

Prasad and Seinn were longtime co-workers at San Francisco International Airport. The latter always knew that Prasaad had a crush on her and at some point, he attempted to ask her out on a date. However, she has since rejected his advances, according to a report. by PEOPLE.

Things went sideways in April 2018, when Mangaccat fetched Seinn at the airport after her last shift as a security officer. According to a CBS News report, the couple had planned to move to Los Angeles after getting married and start anew with their daughter. 

In Prasad’s desperate attempt to keep Seinn from moving, he had plotted a murder with an accomplice. After the couple parked their car in their garage, Prasad appeared out of nowhere and shot five to six times at their vehicle.  

Seinn initially thought that Prasad had nothing to do with the murder since she thought that it was just a simple crush, and he never made her uncomfortable. 

“It was just a crush,” Seinn said. “He’d say things like, ‘Don’t you want to go out with me?’ Mark knew about it, but neither one of us paid too much attention to it."

The authorities supported this upon investigation, saying that the victim and the killer never had any conflict.

"He and the victim, Mr. Prasad, had never had a conflict, never had any fight, battles or anything like that,” they said. “He just happened to be the boyfriend of the woman he wanted in his life.” 

“Almost as an afterthought [Seinn] said, ‘There is a fellow at work who has had an interest in me, but he would never do that,’" San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe tells PEOPLE in previous report. 

Prasad and his accomplice, Donovan Rivera, have been charged with first-degree murder. The sentencing will be on Nov. 17, where they could face 25 years to a lifetime in prison.