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Shirtless Jose Rizal? Historian Ambeth Ocampo reveals what he looks like without a shirt

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Feb 13, 2023 2:20 pm

Have you ever imagined what Jose Rizal looked like in shirtless form?

The Philippines' national hero has always been depicted wearing black americanas in almost all of the monuments, paintings, and photographs produced in his image. But Filipino public historian Ambeth Ocampo has shared what Rizal looks like when he's stripped of his prim and proper garment.

On Facebook, Ocampo posted a picture of Rizal with his upper body completely left bare. Dubbed as the hero's very own "shirtless selfie," the image is a drawing made by Rizal himself and was reproduced in American historian Austin Craig's book, Life, Lineage, and Labors of Jose Rizal, which was published way back in 1913.

"We all know Rizal in an overcoat, but in his youth, long before he became National Hero; he took off his shirt, posed in front of a mirror, and drew a selfie," Ocampo wrote.

According to him, the drawing is currently "unlocated and believed to have been lost or destroyed during the 1945 Battle for Manila."

He then joked, "If Rizal had a smartphone, he would not have drawn this, and Ambeth R. Ocampo would have no career."

Many netizens took the time to express their gratitude at Ocampo for sharing this new knowledge among Filipinos, and some also poked fun at the discovery.

"The original Selfie king. Nothing can defeat during his time," one user wrote.

Another one commented, "Rizal would be selfie king and media influencer and I would be his number one follower."

One user even shared their theory as to where the original drawing could be located, "It could be hanging in a wealthy man's man cave, looking at it while sipping pink champagne."

Back in September last year, Rizal made rounds online after Ocampo revealed new evidence that confirmed the national hero's height.

The Filipino historian took to his Facebook to post a picture of a scanned notebook, where Rizal himself said that at 19-years-old and four days old, he stood at one meter 61 centimeters, which, when converted, is 5.28 feet or almost 5'3".