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VIRAL: One-year-old now a millionaire after receiving a money cape for her first birthday

By Brooke Villanueva Published Mar 11, 2023 12:48 pm

A one-year-old child named Adeena Mazikeen just got the most generous birthday gift from her mom and dad: a money cape worth a whopping one million pesos.

Since her recently concluded celebration followed the theme “Disney Princess,” her parents—who are on top of agricultural farm and fuel retailing businesses—agreed to give their child an extravagant present she could use in the years to come.

“Ever since I got pregnant, we already had so many plans for her first birthday, including this. Every time we were left with extra money, we put it aside for her. It was not that easy considering the amount that we had to come up with, but we thought the best gift we could give her is the assurance of a good future,” her mom Faith Co told PhilSTAR L!fe

"As parents, one of our goals is to give our daughter a bright and comfortable tomorrow," Faith Co, the one-year-old's mom, said.

Photos from the party drew mixed reactions when they made the rounds on social media. While the comments they got were generally positive, there were some netizens who pointed out that it was “too much.” 

“Some people have different opinions about it and that’s fine,” she said, adding that what matters, after all, is that their loved ones knew that their intentions were good. 

“Our friends and family were happy and proud of us because they knew that we only want what’s best for our daughter,” she shared. 

The Filipino mom went on to stress that their decision to give their child an extravagant money cape was not to show off, but to bring inspiration to people in one way or another. “For us, we are just proud parents that want to show everyone that with hard work, you can achieve your goals. As parents, one of our goals is to give our daughter a bright and comfortable tomorrow.” 

Now, the question is, where will the P1 million cash go? “The money will be put in a time deposit account so that it can earn interest. We don’t want her to put it to waste—as we mentioned, we really want her to have something she can use to achieve her goals and plans when she grows up,” said Faith.