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Looking for a new K-drama? Here are 5 reasons why you should add 'Marry My Husband' to your watchlist

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Jan 03, 2024 10:21 pm Updated Jan 03, 2024 11:42 pm

K-drama series Marry My Husband, starring Park Min Young, is making waves as a new revenge drama series to watch.

The series—which is a blend of romance, drama, and fantasy based on a webtoon by Sung So-jak—has hit the ground running, leaving viewers hooked after just two episodes. One user said: "It's been a while since a one-hour show got my full attention like that."

Another viewer gushed about the show's early ratings and hoped that the ratings would continue to rise.

In case you didn't know, Marry My Husband follows the story of Kang Ji-won (Park Min Young) "who dies at the hands of her husband and best friend after finding out about their affair. She is transported 10 years into the past and is determined to change her fate."

From its cast to the plot, here are some reasons to watch Marry My Husband.

Park Min Young supremacy

Contrary to her usual lighthearted roles in romantic-comedy series, Park Min Young portrays the role of a cancer patient.

Recently, she opened up about her significant weight loss for her role, shedding up to 37kg (roughly 81 lbs.) to authentically represent Ji-won, an average yet kind woman who struggles with her relationship with her mother-in-law.

"I was immediately hooked and read it in one breath. I was enchanted by Kang Ji Won's determination to live properly and spent a happy time imagining how to best depict her," she said in an interview, recalling her first encounter with the script.

Park Min Young plays the role of Kang Ji Won in the drama

Moreover, Min Young said at a local press conference in Seoul that she focused on living like the character and didn't realize she could do such a thing at her age.

"Besides small details such as her gestures, how she uses her voice, her clothes, and her hairstyle, I focused on creating a person who truly hit rock bottom. Given my age, I thought about when else I would be able to pour this much passion and energy into a character, so I put my all into creating this character," she explained.

A mix of characters

Min-young is joined by Korean stars Lee Yi Kyung (Welcome to Waikiki), Song Ha Yoon (Fight for My Way), and Na In-woo (Mr. Queen).

In-woo plays the character of Yoo Ji-hyuk, a chief in the same department where Ji-Won works who helps the latter to seek revenge. According to the actor, his character is someone who can "provide everything for the person he loves—whether it's an emotional or material need."

Lee Gi-Kwang plays Ji-Won's high school classmate, Baek Eun-ho, a charming chef.

From Top Left (clockwise): Na Inwoo, Lee Gi-Kwang, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Yi Kyung

Of course, no revenge drama will be complete without the antagonists. Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung) and Jeong Su-min (Song Ha-Yoon).

According to Park Yi Kyung, his character as Min Young's husband is a "detestable character even from his perspective." In the drama, Park Min-Hwan is a selfish and unemployed who is buried in debt.

Lee Su-Min (Song Ha-Yoon), meanwhile, is Ji-won's close friend who stood by her, but later betrays her by sleeping with the latter's husband.

Swoon-worthy romance

What's a K-drama without the unexpected and swoon-worthy romance among the characters? While Ji-won never experienced receiving love in her past lives, the romance will be all sweeter when she receives love from those who support her, such as her first love, Eun-ho, and her newer love, Ji-hyeok.

'A drama where villains will get punished without mercy'

We all love a thrilling drama that keeps us on the edge of our sets. In this K-drama, we get that and then some.

After being transported back a decade in the past and dying at the hands of her closest friend and deceitful husband, Ji-won is determined to get revenge.

"It's a refreshing drama where the villains will get punished without mercy," Director Park Won-guk said in a press conference.

"Kang Ji-won has a lot of anger, to the point where she has no mercy and does not forgive her enemies," Min Young added.

Inspiring transformation
The new Kang Ji-won after her tragic experience with her husband and closest friend

In the face of a fresh year, we often find ourselves reflecting on the person we've become and the path ahead. This drama is a good source of inspiration for those seeking transformation.

"It's a series where she makes way for a new fate. She meets good people, has new experiences and opportunities, and gains courage. It's a story where she changes her gloomy fate into one that is sparkling," the director said.

Min Young's story sparks the message that we can rewrite our narrative.

Marry My Husband is available exclusively on Prime Video, with weekly episode releases scheduled every Monday and Tuesday.