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'Disrespect at its finest': Filipino TikTok users slam Benny Blanco as he roasts Jollibee

By AYIE LICSI Published Mar 03, 2024 2:49 pm

Benny Blanco is in hot water with Filipinos after he posted a TikTok of him trying Jollibee for the first time—and not liking most of it.

The American music producer, who's currently dating Selena Gomez, shared a video of him eating dishes from the popular fast food chain. He said that his step-mom is from the Philippines, thus, he's familiar with the cuisine.

To kick off his taste test, Benny opened a box of fried chicken and "dry ass" adobo rice, which he said "tastes like butt." He had nicer words about the Chickenjoy dipped in gravy and the pineapple juice, but said the chicken was also dry.


my first time trying jollibee

♬ Little Things - Adrian Berenguer

Jollibee's Pinoy-style spaghetti was also not to the American's liking as he said that it "smells like vomit."

"I feel like that just ruined my night," he said after taking a bite and spitting it out on the spaghetti platter. "Ew, it's like... Ew, Jollibee, ew."

Lastly, Benny tried the peach mango pie, which he said was "good."

"It's good but like, don't go to Jollibee, this sh*t sucks," he ended.

Filipinos flocked to the comments section of Benny's TikTok, with mixed reactions as some called his Jollibee review a "disrespect" while others defended him.

"You just made some enemies with that Jollibee disrespect," one user said.

"Disrespect at its finest," another added.

"You wrong for this, I'm ready for Bretman (Rock) to cuss you out," a commenter said.

Those who defended him pointed out that the fast food chain in the US tastes different from their Filipino counterparts.

"Guys Jollibee here in the US [tastes] different. I respect his opinion and you guys [need] to calm down," another said.

"It's okay if Jollibee isn't your thing, but there's no need for disrespectful comments. Everyone has different tastes and preferences," added one user.

More Pinoy food

To make up for his Filipino food taste test, Benny made another TikTok where he tried Pinoy food from the highest-rated restaurants in Los Angeles.

"Apparently, all the Jollibees suck in L.A. and they're not as good as in the Philippines or in New York but my friend told me [to get] the Spicy Chicken Sandwich," he began.

"Not only is this sandwich so good, I completely reverse my opinion of how it sucked," Benny said as he took a bite of the sandwich.


filipino food take 2

♬ Little Things - Adrian Berenguer

The music producer also tried other Pinoy dishes like lumpia, longganisa, chicken inasal, and pansit.

"Bumabawi siya," a TikTok user said.

"The damage has been done," another added.

"Try balut and then we'll forgive you," one user commented.

Before they got together, Benny and Selena worked on a song together titled I Can't Get Enough in March 2019 and again collaborated in 2023 for the latter's track, Single Soon. The couple confirmed their relationship in December 2023.