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‘Pulutan,’ anyone? These Korean dishes are the perfect partners for Jinro soju

By Hannah Mallorca Published Sep 08, 2022 9:20 am

It’s tempting to finish a bottle of soju in one sitting—especially if you’re going through stress or a painful breakup. 

Even so, nothing beats the satisfaction of pairing a refreshing bottle of soju with a plate of yummy pulutan. But if you’re unsure which meals are considered the “better half” of soju (and its many flavors), here are five delectable Korean meals along with their respective flavored soju combos.

Korean Fried Chicken and Green Grape Soju

Crispy, juicy, and flavorful to the bone, Korean fried chicken—with its sweet and spicy coating—is the go-to complement to soju. The chicken is aggressively seasoned which can get too umay when you’re eating too much of it. 

Pairing it with the sweet-tasting Green Grape Jinro soju cuts through the sauciness and crispiness of the chicken, calming down your tastebuds.

Seafood Pancake and Grapefruit Soju

Korean pancakes are a perfect match to soju’s refreshing taste in general, but what makes the seafood version a standout is the combination of textures you get in every bite. 

Pairing the crunchy vegetables and tender seafood bits with Grapefruit Jinro soju adds a tangy depth of flavor, making it the perfect final act to your meal. In case you don’t know, many Koreans enjoy pancakes during the rainy season since the crunch reminds them of the sound of raindrops.

Jokbal and Fresh Soju

In other words, pig’s trotters that are braised and cooked with soy sauce. It’s a guilty pleasure that’s so fatty yet so good—especially when it breaks down in a greasy delight. Pig trotters can be compared to the local crispy pata, but the Korean counterpart goes big on its peppery and oily flavor.

Since pig trotters can get too overwhelming, pairing it with Fresh Jinro soju is the must-have palate cleanser to refresh your taste buds if you're planning to take another bite.

Samgyupsal and Plum Soju

There’s a reason why soju is always sold at samgyupsal restaurants. You can never go wrong with freshly grilled pork belly and a shot of plum soju—or two. Compared to jokbal, the fatty taste of soju is the perfect canvas to pair with the sour and tangy flavor of plum soju. 

Just imagine the satisfying grilled goodness of the samgyupsal paired with a sour and tangy Plum Jinro soju. Mouth watering, don’t you think?

Tteokbokki and Strawberry Soju

And lastly, tteokbokki or spicy rice cakes is usually eaten as a snack between meals but they can also be the perfect match for soju.

Since the rice cake’s sauce is usually thick and spicy, the sweet taste of Strawberry Jinro’s soju can cut through its flavor. Here’s a tip: Make sure to drink a shot after the tteokbokki—not between meals—to avoid a bad tummy ache. Trust us, we've experienced it.

So, if you’re in the mood for a Korean feast, Jinro soju, the world's number one selling spirit, is the perfect finish to your meal and double your traditional Korean food experience. The drink is made from Korean bamboo for a clean taste, making it the perfect complement for your next inuman session.

When buying soju from your local grocery store, make sure to look for the distinct green bottle and its toad label to guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Know more about HiteJinro’s drinks by visiting their official website.


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