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Doing keto the healthy way

By Kath Buendia Published Mar 03, 2021 4:00 pm

Growing up, I’m sure many of us heard the “Don’t eat fat, it’s bad for your heart” warning from our parents, and society. For so long, “fats” have been labeled as the antagonist, the cause of obesity, heart diseases, etc.

I’m going to admit that when I didn’t know any better, I believed it. It’s hard not to when everyone around you swears by it.

All those misconceptions changed when I met my partner, John, who successfully lost weight and reversed pre-diabetes on a high-fat, low-carb diet. He was working in Abu Dhabi when he found out about the ketogenic diet and lost 45 lbs. in the span of a month.

When he returned home to Manila, we were thinking of starting our own business when it dawned upon us that we could use the knowledge and experience he had to help other people. That’s when we launched our first brand, Ketolivingph.

  Oyster Rockefeller

So, what exactly is keto? It’s a low-carb, high-fat diet that trains your body to use fat as its main source of energy, instead of carbs.

Are all keto foods healthy? Not really. That’s what we wanted to change when we launched our brand. We wanted to offer high-quality keto meals that focused on healthy fat sources.

  Tom Yum fried rice w/ egg and tofu

When we first started, keto wasn’t established yet, so we’re one of the first pioneers in our country. Having said that, we do have a lot of critics. People say keto is dangerous to those who have diabetes and heart disease, and that it’s just a fad.

But there are so many studies and research that prove otherwise. Dr. Gerladine Lazado from Manila Medical Center actually says keto may be recommended for individuals with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. It helps lower blood-sugar levels and shed excess weight, which causes all the comorbidities of diabetes. It also lowers blood pressure in hypertensive persons.

  Japanese tofu ramen

Essentially, keto helps the body lose the excess fat that contributes to the overall improvement in health. We have a lot of subscribers who had Type 2 diabetes and many of them have successfully gone off meds because of their diet and lifestyle change. Important to stress, though, is before embarking on any diet, one must consult a physician for clearance.

  Crab bisque soup

Since our launch in 2017, we’ve heard thousands of success stories from all our subscribers and we are always so happy to hear them. It’s no longer just a business. I don’t think we’ve ever viewed it as just that. It was always about educating people about the benefits of keto, promoting a healthier society and transforming lives.

  Fish stick tacos

Later in 2017, we challenged ourselves further by launching Manila’s very first plant-based keto meal delivery, Ketovegetarianph. We started it because we wanted to give those who can’t eat meat a chance to do keto.

It was a big challenge because keto relies heavily on meat as its main fat source, but when you take meat out of the equation, it was a whole new level. We definitely got more creative because we wanted the food to be good and different.

Essentially, keto helps the body lose the excess fat that contributes to the overall improvement in health. We have a lot of subscribers who had Type 2 diabetes and many of them have successfully gone off meds because of their diet and lifestyle change.

It wasn’t always easy. We faced challenges just like any other business. I had to push myself to learn how to do photography and food styling to cut back on costs, and we all had to go out of our comfort zones because we want to stand by our brand’s philosophy: help people improve their lives by changing how and what they eat. I think putting our clients at the core of our brand is really what drove us to where we are today.

 Huevos rancheros w/ keto pita

There are different kinds of people in our delivery lists: athletes, models, celebrities… anyone, really. This shows that keto is effective for all types of lifestyles. Whether you’re sedentary or active, keto will work for you as long as you have the discipline.

Some well-known personalities who have tried our meal plans and witnessed results are Anne Curtis, Karen Davila, Rhian Ramos, Tim Yap, Janno Gibbs, Grace Barbers-Baja, and so many more. They all love that we offer unique and delicious food and how convenient and easy eating healthy can be.

  Keto ube brazo de mercedes

In 2020, the whole world stopped. It was so unexpected and it seemed like the pandemic came out of nowhere. Nobody expected that this would happen and suddenly, we all see the importance of staying healthy. There was a clamor for self-care, about being careful of what we put in your body and putting our health first.

That’s when an idea to launch two more brands hit me. Many people think it’s insane. Launching two new brands in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, when the economy is crashing and so many businesses are closing down? That’s crazy. But my passion and love for building a healthier society and promoting health and wellness won over. That’s how and were born, and now we have four Keto Meal Delivery service brands.

Cookies and cream ice cream

Was it hard? Definitely. I had a lot of fears, especially because the world is so unpredictable, but I reminded myself of the “why.” And now, my bold move is paying off. It’s only been a few months but we have boomed so unexpectedly and fast! We really did not anticipate it.

This is why I always say that in any type of business, your goal should always be one that will benefit society, because when people know you care about them, they will trust your brand.