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LOOK: 2,000-year-old Pompeii fast food spot to reopen this week

By Brooke Villanueva Published Aug 11, 2021 1:49 pm

A 2,000-year-old fast-food chain in Pompeii, Italy is set to reopen to the public tomorrow, August 12.

Discovered by archaeologists in 2019, the “thermopolium”—or “hot-drink counter” in Latin—is situated in Regio V, which “had once offered its Roman customers culinary treats including pork, fish, snails, and beef—traces of which were found at the site,” according to Insider.

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Such fragments that were found in earthenware pots have made researchers believe that a certain type of paella was included in the menu, as per The Guardian. Additionally, there were also crushed fava beans unearthed in a different jar.

“As well as bearing witness to daily life in Pompeii, the possibilities to analyze afforded by this thermopolium are exceptional because, for the first time, we have excavated a site in its entirety,” Massimo Osanna, the archaeological park’s director-general, said.

It can be noted that Pompeii was covered in ash after the eruption of a nearby volcano (Mount Vesuvius) in 79 AD. The same Insider report stated that "since its ruins were unearthed in the 16th century, archaeologists have dug up around two-thirds of the site.”

Photographs from @pompeii_parco_archeologico on Instagram