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This well-loved ice cream brand helps Pinoys celebrate golden moments with every scoop

By Ching M. Alano, The Philippine STAR Published Jan 05, 2022 7:00 pm

No gathering or get-together is ever complete without ice cream. It's an absolute must-have for parties to celebrate a milestone—from birthdays (whether the celebrant is four or 94 years old) and wedding anniversaries to baptisms, welcome and going-away parties. Frankly, do we really need a reason to enjoy this all-season, all-weather, year-round treat?

Happily for me and legions of ice cream lovers out there, ice cream manufacturers (bless their sweet hearts and creative souls) are constantly innovating—developing new, cool concepts, and introducing new flavors to dazzle our taste buds.

Latest scoop

Magnolia Gold Label, from the makers of Magnolia Ice Cream—a trusted, heritage Filipino brand—now brings to sweets lovers a world-class ice cream made with fresh carabao's milk and is certified pure with no artificial flavors. It reminds me of the rich, creamy ice cream I've tasted before, but now, it's a lot creamier and tastier.

Indulge in a golden moment with these exciting new flavors from Magnolia Gold Label that are guaranteed to melt our ice cream-loving hearts.

Ever gone camping? Instead of roasting marshmallows over a campfire, you can bring this experience home with S'mores—premium vanilla ice cream loaded with graham cracker bits, toasted marshmallows, and swirls of dark chocolate fudge. Camping has never been this cool.

To boost your feel-good endorphins: Avocado Macchiato, laced with ground tablea bits and coffee ripple. It's really a two-in-one treat: like having a healthy avocado breakfast and getting your caffeine fix, too!

If you're nuts about peanut butter, Choco Peanut Butter puts a new twist to an old favorite. This premium chocolate ice cream is a happy combo of Skippy® peanut butter, chocolate chips, and peanuts.

You can say "Cheese!" in a whole new enticing way with Taro White Cheese, a dual base of taro and white cheese ice cream laden with creamy white cheese bits.

Care for some Tablea Yema? This brings back happy childhood memories of visiting my grandmother in the province and watching her tediously but lovingly whisk balls of Batangas tablea de cacao in a giant pot to make the perfect Filipino hot chocolate for breakfast for her battalion of hungry grandchildren. So velvety smooth, it glides down your tongue and so refreshingly creamy. This dark chocolate ice cream is swirled with yema fudge and ripple.

Gaga over mango? Yes! But mango mixed with dark chocolate? Why not! Imagine the luscious, juicy taste of mangoes seamlessly blending in with dark chocolate stracciatella (gelato with chocolate shavings) and then swirled with dark chocolate fudge. Mango Dark Chocolate is an unlikely match made in ice cream heaven.

For certified cookie lovers, nothing beats Cookies and Cream. This premium vanilla ice cream is chock-full of chocolate cookie bits.

Now you can have your tea and enjoy your ice cream, too, with Wintermelon Milk Tea ice cream, blended with brown sugar jellies swirled with caramelized brown sugar fudge. Get ready for a tea party!

Can't get enough of that dark chocolate? Thank heavens for Quadruple Chocolate. Its dark secret lies in combining dark chocolate ice cream with cocoa nibs and white chocolate ice cream swirled with pink chocolate fudge.

Can coffee and ice cream mix? But of course! Latte Choco Brownie marries creamy ice cream with the finest roasted arabica coffee beans, brownies, and chocolate chips.

With all these sensational new ice cream flavors to excite us, we will definitely never run out of sweet, golden moments to share with our loved ones and friends. 

The new Magnolia Gold Label flavors are available in supermarkets in assorted sizes: 1.3L and 800ml for family sharing, and 450ml to share with your significant other ot to indulge by yourself. They are also offered online on The SMC Hub, the San Miguel Foods Frozen and Chilled stores on Lazada, and Shopee, and other ice cream dealers.

And here's a cool treat for the holiday season: Magnolia Gold Label has cut its price from P350 to P295 for the 1.3L tub size. Promo runs until Jan. 31.

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