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World's first Columbia Pictures theme park to open in Thailand in October

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Sep 29, 2022 4:08 pm

Looking for a new theme park to relive your favorite movies?

Mark your calendars as Columbia Pictures Aquaverse, the world’s first fully-branded Columbia Pictures movie theme park, is set to to open its doors to the public on Oct. 11. 

The theme park is situated in Thailand, 20 minutes south of Pattaya in the Bangsaray area, which is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, many popular beach clubs, and other tourist attractions.

From the name itself, Columbia Pictures Aquaverse features a variety of both water and land-based attractions that bring to life many of the studio's hit films, including Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Bad Boys, Zombieland, The Emoji Movie, Surfs Up and Hotel Transylvania.

Have a blast with live shows, immersive entertainment, interactive props, unique sets, themed restaurants, as well as specialty merchandise and retail locations.

Here are some of the main attractions that will give movie fans an unforgettable experience:

Ghostbusters Zone

The iconic and beloved film about hunting terrifying ghosts has now been turned into a supernatural water attraction. Asia's first Ghostbusters water slide will have you zipping across ghost traps and gliding down water coasters all while being chased by the ectoplasm ghost Slimer and other spooky residents. 

You can enjoy Ghostbusters-themed rides such as Proton Stream, a thrilling family raft ride; Slimer Speed Racer, a tube-car ride where you can zip down Slimer’s green body and soar up to his wide-open mouth; and Ghost Trap Adventure, a water coaster ride where you'll scream your way through heart-stopping drops and intense curves.

Jumanji Zone

Relive the excitement of the Jumanji films and wild jungle adventures in real life. Go beyond watching the films and experience adventures for yourself in jungle-themed water attractions in the Jumanji Zone.

Face your fears in the Viper, a high-speed raft ride where you'll join the films' heroes Ruby, Bravestone, Mouse and Shelly as you get catapulted out of the dark and into a bowl filled with mandrills, before being sucked into a giant snake's mouth and falling into a gigantic splash pool below.

If you're still high with excitement, then try your hand at the Jungle Stampede, a riveting mix of total darkness and open-air rafting as you race to escape the mandrills.

Zombieland Zone

Are you a fan of zombies? In the Zombieland Zone, you can have fun running from the undead in the adrenaline-inducing slide Zombie Chase.

You can also try The Beast, one of the tallest water park attractions in Asia featuring an 18-meter vertical fall. Last but not the least is Double Tap, where you'll be put in an enclosed tube and be dropped down a 12-meter free fall as you do a 360-degree spin, before landing on the zombie-free zone.

Aquaverse Mega Wave Pool

If you've had your fill of fun rides and attractions and just want to sit back and soak up some sun, then Aquaverse Mega Wave Pool is the perfect place for that. Aside from music events and live shows, you can enjoy a gigantic outdoor cinema in the man-made lagoon with its three giant LED screens and a Dolby DTS surround sound system.

To know more about their attractions, you can check out their website through this link.