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Happy Mie by Gardenia: From MIErienda to MIEdnight snack, this instant mi goreng will bring your taste buds right to Indonesia

Published Jun 28, 2024 1:30 pm

From the humble street food scene of Indonesia, mi goreng, also known as Indonesian-style stir-fried noodles, has come a long way from its beginnings. Big thanks to its unique savory umami taste and the growing global obsession with spicy noodles, mi goreng has captivated the taste and cravings of foodies in neighboring countries in Asia.

As it found itself in the “big leagues”, penetrating the popular instant noodle market, mi goreng was able to cross over from being a “vacation must-try” to a go-to noodle option in many households. For bread manufacturer Gardenia Philippines, it was a golden time to launch its very own Mi Goreng Instant fried noodles, Happy Mie Mi Goreng.

Bringing in a Happy meaning to instant fried noodles

Happy Mie by Gardenia was created to replicate the same happy feelings and memories that Filipinos have towards their favorite Gardenia bread, since more often than not, Filipinos love to pair their mi goreng with the ever-versatile pandesal or slice of loaf bread.

Happy Mie with Gardenia bread: Foodie Wendy Castañeda enjoys pairing her Happy Mie with Gardenia Pandesal, while Tylah Guong enjoys the classic “mi goreng as palaman sa sandwich”

With the variety of instant noodles out there in the sari-sari stores and supermarkets—all easy to cook and require only a few simple steps – what sets Gardenia’s Happy Mie apart from the flock is the linamnam-sarap in every pack. Each plate of Happy Mie is like bringing the distinct flavors of the Indonesian mi goreng right to your doorstep.

Happy Mie Mi Goreng is a Halal-certified product made in Indonesia that will surely make any meal time happier. It guarantees an authentic, flavorful experience at an affordable price through its savory sweet soy sauce and delicious texture of its smooth and firm noodles – made using high-quality ingredients from Indonesia.

The “nonchalant” and the “OA” of spiciness

Happy Mie comes in two flavors: Original and Hot & Spicy. The Original flavor has a subtle spicy taste, perfect for those who want mild spice in their noodles. In Gen Z terms, it is your nonchalant mi goreng, best for your calm and chill days.

But for those looking to level up the heat on any given day, Happy Mie Hot & Spicy gives the OA in the spice department, without overpowering the savory taste of the noodles.

Happy Mie Original and Happy Mie Hot & Spicy, perfect for any time of the day!

Whether you’re craving for noodles during the morning rush, or burning the midnight oil for a big exam, or just looking for a quick snack on a lazy afternoon, you can turn to Happy Mie for a filling instant noodle fix. With its linamnam-sarap and affordability, Happy Mie can surely boost your mood any day, making your meal time: Happy sa Lasa, Happy sa Bulsa, Happy Mie talaga!

And just like the versatile Gardenia bread, the pairing and recipe possibilities using Happy Mie are also limitless. From the traditional sunny-side-up eggs and stir-fried vegetables as toppings to the more adventurous, mi goreng spaghetti and mi goreng carbonara, these will surely make for a happy you and mie.

Foodies Kraig Antonio and Learni Llamas from Let’s Eat Pare Facebook community agree that Happy Mie goes well with egg and Gardenia Pandesal.
Happy thoughts and pairings from your neighborhood foodies

Foodies from Let’s Eat Pare (LEP), an online food community with over 630,000 members, have shared their own mouthwatering recommendations when enjoying Happy Mie. Some shared their topping suggestions such as siomai, kikiam, even potato chips.

Let’s Eat Pare member Nikki Dolor added some shredded cabbage, egg strips and kikiam as toppings for her Happy Mie; while LEP admin Mark del Rosario tried a unique pairing with potato chips

Let’s Eat Pare member Beatrice Tang adds that while she misses going on vacations, tasting Happy Mie made her feel like she was still in Bali, Indonesia. She paired her new mi goreng find with a fried egg and chicken skewers to complete the Indonesia experience.

Meanwhile, some foodies like to keep it straight and simple. Happy Mie with their hot coffee, or with their cold glass of lemonade can do the trick.

Whether paired with hot coffee or a cold glass of lemonade, meriendas are made happier.

Happy Mie Mi Goreng can be leveled up in a wide variety of recipes and be paired with different kinds of food, but of course, the best and easiest way to enjoy Happy Mie is on its own, ready to make you happy, one plate of authentic Indonesian mi goreng at a time.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Gardenia Philippines.