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‘90s kids, White Rabbit milk exists, and you can get it delivered

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Oct 12, 2020 12:18 am Updated Oct 12, 2020 12:18 am

Nothing beats the joy of indulging in your favorite childhood food, isn’t it? More than their tastiness, these munchies bring us back to the sweet—not to mention carefree—days of our childhood.

Among the ones that get us every time is the White Rabbit candy. As adults, many of us would feel nostalgic at the sight of its white, blue, and red packaging. Much more when you pop the chewy, creamy vanilla bonbons and its edible rice paper into your mouth.

But before making its way to the hearts of Pinoy kids in the ‘90s, White Rabbit was already occupying a special place in China's history. The retro sweets were launched by Shanghai-based manufacturer ABC Company in 1943.

Shortly afterward, it began dominating the domestic market and jumping in the country's politics. In 1959, White Rabbit candies were distributed as gifts for the 10th National Day of the People’s Republic, while Former Premier Zhou Enlai gave it as a present to US President Richard Nixon in 1972. In 1976, ABC Company was absorbed by state-owned Guan Sheng Yuan Food Co.

The White Rabbit chewy bonbons, plus its white, red, and blue packaging can surely give pure nostalgia to '90s kids! Photo from KowHhk lamaiw on Wikimedia Commons

White Rabbit is now being rolled out in over 50 countries worldwide. It continues to be a well-loved brand, although it was caught up in controversies—one was in 2007 when the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration claimed that the sweets contain formalin, and the other in 2008 when it was enlisted as one of the melamine-infused products in China.

Determined to keep providing happiness and nostalgia to White Rabbit fans, Guan Sheng Yuan now only uses milk powder imported from New Zealand in replacement for their locally-produced ingredients.

Several variations of the well-loved candy, such as the White Rabbit ice cream by Carousel Creamery and White Rabbit milk tea of Oh My Tea, are proof positive that the brand remains true to its peachy-keen quality. That is, besides the fact that we just couldn’t get enough of the sweet treat.

A year after it was launched in China, Pinoys can now get their hands on the White Rabbit milk for as low as P60 online. Photo from

Now comes the latest addition to the White Rabbit products bound to get us hooked—the White Rabbit ready-to-drink milk.

It was released in China in July 2019 as a collaboration between Guan Sheng Yuan Food Co. and Chinese dairy company Bright Dairy & Food Co. The drink is stuffed in 200 ml Tetra Pak cartons and, we dare say, it has the candy’s signature sugary vanilla flavor. 

At that time, the only way Pinoys could purchase the drink was to have it shipped all the way from China. And for a hefty price of PHP7,000.

Thanks to some money-smart Pinoy importers, you can now get your cravings satisfied for as low as P60 on Shopee. You can also order it from Facebook pages Dimsum by Sachi for P80 or Food Fairy for PHP130. Head over to the Freedom Love Beauty Facebook page if you want to purchase a box of 12 pieces for P719.

Don't forget, it is best served cold or better yet, chilled in the freezer, like your own version of White Rabbit milkshake!