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LOOK: Interior designer shares details of NewJeans' luxurious dorm

By Camille Santiago Published Feb 20, 2024 1:13 pm

Ever wondered what the dorms of hallyu stars look like? An interior design company has recently revealed the design and the story behind the dorm belonging to NewJeans, offering Bunnies a unique look into their living space.

Anderson C Gallery on its Instagram page, shared how they first received a call from ADOR‘s CEO, Min Hee Jin, asking to take over the styling of the new space. They said that it was refreshing to see a hands-on manager and artists collaborating on the design itself.

"We styled the spaces of various artists, but we have never had the experience of inserting original design pieces into idol lodging. The fact that the head of the affiliated agency is trying to decorate [the] idol members' dormitories with design furniture was itself a fresh shock," they wrote, as translated on Google.

What surprised them more was that the girls of the K-pop group each had pegs in mind, with sample styles taken from their phones.

"It's interesting to know that they are still young, but all of the five members have a taste for furniture, and also all have different tastes. What was particularly impressive was that the photos shown were not the online reference images, but the ones you took with your own phone. The busy members of New Jeans have spent several days studying furniture with Min," AndersonC Gallery added, noting that despite their packed schedule, NewJeans dedicated their time to selecting furniture at the showroom.

"Seeing the members not just looking, but asking questions and taking selfies, it made me think that they are in class, not shopping," they added.

While Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein had the freedom to pick the furniture for their rooms, they also had to decorate the common areas together. According to the design company, some members wanted a "wood feel," while others preferred clean and metallic. Others also wanted furniture with artistic elements, while some focused on functionality.

Combining these varied tastes would be a "difficult task" for the company, but Min encouraged them to embrace the challenge and create a "beautiful mix" that reflects everyone's unique taste.

"Instead of finding out the common ingredients of five tastes and looking for furniture that fits them well, the members should 'beautifully' mix furniture that contains their own taste," they wrote.

The company lauded Min for her dedication to the girls. She even spent an hour and a half choosing the fabrics for the sofa and dining chairs.

"It would not be possible without a sincere young mind that tells members to learn and grow well. While living with Original Furniture, members will realize the powerful impact great design can have on life and body, whether consciously or unconsciously," they wrote. "Seeing how President Min cares and helps NewJeans members grow, we also think again about how she cares and helps Anderson's teammates grow. President, thank you very much for thinking about and decorating precious spaces with Mr. Anderson."

In January, Danielle surprised her fans when she gave a glimpse of her luxurious bedroom in the group's new dorm during a livestream. Her room was decorated with a lounging chair, potted plants, and a floor-to-ceiling glass window that overlooks the Han River.