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The Tomahawk Steak Kit and other delivery funboxes

By THERESE JAMORA-GARCEAU, The Philippine STAR Published Aug 06, 2020 8:18 am

We’re back to food-delivery feels. Here are three unique, creative and just plain good food items you’ll have fun unboxing.

I’ve tried the ramen kit and the hotpot kit, but a tomahawk steak kit? That sounded far out, like a carnivore’s ultimate dream.

But it’s been made reality by chef Michael Santos of Nanka Japanese Steakhouse (formerly known as Nanka Japanese Latin serving Japanese/ Peruvian cuisine).
“Our tomahawk is Black Onyx from Ranger Valley Farms in Australia,” says Nanka’s executive chef. “Pure Angus, 270 days grain-fed. Marble score of 3+.”

That means the steak is marbled with a good amount of fat — enough to make the flames leap eyebrow-singeing-ly high when it’s seared on the grill. And the more fat, the better: the more tender and flavorful your steak will be.

High steaks: Nanka’s Tomahawk Kit includes Black Onyx Angus, rubbing salts, steak sauces and side dishes for a restaurant-quality athome steak experience.

For Nanka’s Tomahawk Steak Kit, Santos boxes this ultimate piece of meat (P495/100g, good for 3 to 4 pax) with dry rubs like togarashi salt, wasabi salt, and classic salt and pepper. Sauces like Demiglace, Yakiniku, and Chimichurri are also included, and you can heat them right in their plastic bags (just dip in boiling water). The box also contains side dishes of mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms… even French fries you can crisp in foil, if you want them.

“Our steaks are very straightforward,” Santos says. “No marinades, no sous vide, just simple salt and pepper and a hot grill. I like to accentuate the true and natural flavors of whatever I cook, be it steak, salmon, tuna, etc. I believe — because this was instilled in me early in my career — that the soul of the meat/ seafood/ protein is its flavor; altering its flavor thus loses its soul. I was taught to respect the soul of whatever I was cooking.”

We tried to respect the soul of this Black Onyx tomahawk. It’s so large you need a big enough grill or pan to cook it to medium-rare perfection. If you don’t have the necessary hardware, you’ll have to cut the meat off the bone, but it’s okay — take pictures of it first for the ’Gram. You’ll be enjoying juicy, tender, ultra-flavorful bites of steak along with the likes from your followers.

(Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City. To order the Tomakawk Steak Kit, call 8921-6772, 8517-9677 or 0977-621-8472.)

Sweet and spirited: Brownie Bar’s Callebaut Cointreau confection is soaked in premium liquor.

Brownie Bar: Spirited away

In another unique “funbox” for delivery, Brownie Bar offers two creature comforts in one box: sweets and spirits. Their gold brick-size brownie bar (11x3x1.5 inches) comes uncut, but not unlaced: each fudgy confection is soaked in premium liquor, from Callebaut Cointreau to Black Label Whiskey. There’s even a Cerveza Negra variant and Don Papa Tablea to cater to local tastes.

Also sample their Double Black (the one we tried) and Frangelico Truffle.

Their latest innovation is Brownie Bitters. Offered in 15ml dropper bottles, the bitters are actually seed- or plant-based extracts mixed and aged with high-proof alcohol. Add a drop or two to your slice for an extra liquor kick, including Dark Lager, Scotch Whiskey and Aged Rum.

How does it taste? Rich, luscious brownie heaven. Add to that a bit of alcohol to warm the insides, and it feels like Christmas already. It might be just the treat you need to get you through another Netflix binge.

As for the alcohol, the makers say most of the liquor is baked off during the baking process, so kids can sample Brownie Bar (at their parents’ discretion) and not get intoxicated.

The brownie bar comes unsliced. The makers suggest keeping it in the delivery box for maximum moistness; it can store at room temperature for up to a week.

(Brownie Bar is set up for home delivery at, [email protected], or text 0917-520-9349. Bars run from about P470 to P649, not including delivery fee.)

Purple reign: Primos’ Freshly Baked’s ube -cheese pan de sal are made with premium ingredients and baked in true artisanal tradition.

Primos' Freshly Baked: The ultimate ube-cheese pan de sal

Ube-cheese pan de sal is one of the most popular food trends born of the pandemic, along with sushi bake and Dalgona coffee. While there are many wannabe aspirants out there, we think we’ve found the best issuing from the ovens of Primos’ Freshly Baked.

The Primos (Spanish for “cousins”) in the name are five male cousins who dreamed up the concept one cocktail hour during lockdown: chef-baker Paulo Climaco, architect Benedict Ros, entrepreneur JJ Sullano, pilot Vinni Sanchez, and sales and marketing representative Marco Climaco.

“Our chief activity was sampling and scarfing down food offered through Viber food-market threads in our village of La Vista in Quezon City,” says Ros.  “What followed was a critique of the offerings, as well as a wish list of food options.”

On the wish list was a decent-tasting ube pan de sal. JJ’s wife asked Paulo to make one of his own, and the five cousins — who were only too eager for an exciting new outlet for their creativity — got into the spirit of looking for the ideal ingredients. 

When chef Paulo hit upon Primos’ winning secret recipe (the only thing they’ll give away is that they use premium, quality ingredients), they decided to make a business out of it, opening last June. At present they’ve received hundreds of orders, which they package beautifully — P200 for six pieces and P380 for 12 — in gift-wrapper-lined boxes tied with purple ribbon.

What makes Primos’ so perfect? The buns are pillow-soft, chewy, and generously filled with a mixture of cheese and ube halaya. They’re also sized right — not so small that you’ll finish the whole box, but big enough for a piece to satisfy you in one sitting. They’re also oven-fresh, baked three times a week in true artisanal tradition.

Now Primos’ is dedicated to creating other artisanal products, from zucchini loaves to Filipino and European fusion-style baked delicacies, as well as specialty cakes and pies. If they’re anywhere near as good as the ube-cheese pan de sal, we’re there.

(Primos’ offers free delivery within Quezon City, BGC and Alabang. For orders, contact 0917-554-3244 or email [email protected]. You can also visit their Facebook page “Primos’ Freshly Baked” and their Instagram account @primosfreshlybaked.)

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