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Certified plant mommas talk about plant care in this hot weather

By BROOKE VILLANUEVA Published May 20, 2021 8:00 pm

How are your plants doing in this hot weather?

Plant parents have been making extra effort in taking care of their plants during the season. The heat has been pretty crazy—it’s been quite difficult for us, humans, and it could be the same for other living beings, too. Now, more than ever, it’s important that you ensure their health and growth. 

If you’ve been having a hard time doing so, we’ve got you covered! Below are some tips from plant mommas that might help.

Reporter Gretchen Fullido—who is managing a plant business called “PlantitaGreta” and sharing her knowledge on her vlog “It’s A Greta Life”—has placed her plants right by the windows of her rooms to provide them with the sunlight that they need. She even got them high-quality grow lights for her “indoor jungle,” as she put it.

She placed some of her high-maintenance plants in the comfort rooms of her lovely abode. “The sun is harsher now so I moved them a little further from the window as to not burn the leaves,” she told PhilSTAR L!FE. “I also check the medium more often as it dries up faster this time of the year and I adjust my watering frequency as needed.”

Gretchen later noted that conditions can be different for various plants. “The best advice I can give is to study and research before anything and then let experience be your best friend.”

Vlogger Laureen Uy’s newfound love for plants started just recently. “I started with one plant, then two, then one day I just woke up a plantita,” she said with a laugh. “Not only do plants make your place look nicer, but they also make your house a home. Plants make your home livelier and happier.” 

For now, she’s been doing her best to keep her indoor plants hydrated. “You can’t overwater so one trick I do is I leave a humidifier at least once or twice a week beside my plant area so they’re all humidified, too,” she shared. 

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Aubrey Miles, a plant momma for 12 years, has been swearing by the same tip. “I use a humidifier morning and mid-afternoon now. It’s not usually in my schedule but now that it’s summer, it helps cool and give mist to the plants,” she said, pointing out how indoor planting can get much more challenging than outdoor gardening. “When it comes to indoor planting, the care is controlled by you and only you. Make sure to get the proper tools for indoor plants—from good quality soil, pot, and grow lights, to a humidifier, scissors, and other essentials.”

For beginners, Aubrey recommends starting with easy plants like snake plants or those that belong to the philodendron species. “Don’t be scared to ask around for tips but still make your own experiences,” she continued. “Enjoy and never get discouraged if a plant died—it’s totally normal.” 

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Glo De Castro, urban gardening mom for five years, couldn’t stress enough the importance of providing plants with partial shade and watering them as needed. “Move indoor plants away from direct sunlight and water when the topsoil feels dry,” she suggested. “For outdoor plants, I suggest providing them with a net shading or moving them to a partially-shaded area. Water as needed.” 

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For Jade Skyi, owner of Spruce Plant Shop, it’s all about having daily routine check-ups, pest control, and proper plant growth and health management. These usually involve using osmocote or hi-nitro fertilizer as well as monthly spraying of pesticides. 

Now that it’s summer, she and her team have employed different means to protect them from the scorching heat. Apart from installing a net in their outdoor garden to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun, they are also monitoring them on a regular basis for proper management. “The application of fertilizer is also done early in the morning or late in the afternoon for optimal absorption of nutrients. It is advisable to avoid applying fertilizer during the hot hours of the day.” 

Jade declared it can be easy to take care of your own plants as long as you follow the necessary steps and give them their needs for good health. “Make sure that you choose a plant that would thrive in your environment, your space, and your lifestyle,” she added. “You can find joy in growing your own plants. It’s not just a healthy way to have fun but it’s also a good source of stress relief.”

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