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Spruce up your home in 2021 with these makeover tips from a certified KonMari expert

By Brooke Villanueva Published Jan 05, 2021 2:00 am

New year, new space? 

The fresh start of a new year comes with a myriad of opportunities to upgrade your life—this may be changing your look, outfits, or even your lifestyle. Additionally, it can also include sprucing up your home.

Apart from the delightful aesthetic it may bring, keeping your area tidy can help you up your productivity levels, save time and money, and keep your physical and mental health in check. This is according to Christine Dychiao—the first certified KonMari expert in the Philippines—who explained that the aforementioned benefits can eventually pave the way for your happiness and contentment. 

As you work from home to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, such factors are emphasized even more. 

Convinced to take your space to the next level this 2021? Here are some tips from Dychiao that can help you get started.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

Does getting the space you need always require breaking down walls? Definitely not—most of the time, the act of decluttering can be enough to expand your home. “By taking out things you no longer use or need, you automatically open up space without spending a lot,” explained Dychiao.

Picture how your space will look like

“Being clear with what you want can help you get the look you want,” she said, adding that Pinterest boards and photos of the things you’d like to have in your home may be helpful in the process.

Consider getting your hands on these home must-haves

When asked about storage and home décor must-haves, Dychiao suggested keeping these things in mind on your next shopping spree:

“Lighting helps create the atmosphere and set a mood in a home,” she shared. Hence, it’s important to make way for such and incorporate some window treatments for privacy and aesthetics. For lovely blinds and draperies, you might want to check out Curtains by Raphael, which has been recommended by celebrities like Gretchen Fullido, Claudine Barretto, Jennylyn Mercado, and Dingdong Dantes. For pricing, you may text them at 09491774073 or 09285543179.

Rugs and throw pillows may help soften the hardness and straight lines of walls, floors, and furniture. If you're looking for simple yet eye-catching pieces for your Scandinavian home, you may get this Ophelia Rug for P1,190 and Louisse Cushion Cover for P760 from Nordic Home.

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What makes plants a win-win? They “bring life to the home, is a cost-effective way to decorate, and help purify the air, too." Looking for an online store that can deliver one to your doorstep? Ready Get Set Grow could be your one-stop destination as it offers various plant stuff—from pots and organizers to plants and propagation sets that are perfect for plantitas and plantitos alike. Another bonus: the Instagram shop sells plants for a cause from time to time. For one, this Monstera Adansonii reached up to P5,500 from P2,800 when it was put up for bidding for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses.

For Dychiao, mirrors aren’t just décor—they can also help make a space feel larger and look brighter! Looking to do so with a touch of elegance? Priced at P1,300, this 2.5x5 ft. frameless absract mirror from Mercii PH can definitely make a great addition to your bedroom.

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With art, tapestry, and accent pieces, she added, you can give any area a personal touch and make it truly your own. Go forth and craft a DIY flower arrangement in a pretty vase like this Peacherino Trophy Vase in Blush from Slay at Home (P890).

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Etageres, shelves, and baskets "enhance and optimize your space by providing storage while also functioning as décor." One thing to remember is that when it comes to storage, assigning a “home” for everything you have is your main objective. “This way, you know where to put things back after you use them, and everyone in the household knows where to look for things when they need them," Dychiao said.

Round baskets are quite versatile. Not only can they be perfect for fruits, but also magazines and other everyday things. This gold basket (P550) by TeRa's Choice shows how it can easily complement your home interiors.

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You can also keep your gadgets in place with a stylish cellphone stand (P350) and laptop stand (P1,250) from Really Good PH. These finds may be useful for Zoom meetings in the "new normal."

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Got a tight budget? Don't let it stop you from organizing your stuff, stressed Dychiao. "It doesn’t matter if you repurpose shoe boxes, old iPad boxes, or buy clear acrylic bins; they all work and serve a purpose. The difference is more about cost and aesthetics," she continued. "From my experience, once you tidy, you’ll find you have everything you need at home."