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Is your cat feeling happy or sad? This new app will help reveal your feline friend's mood

By Harold Lemon Tubiano Published Sep 23, 2022 6:07 pm

Cats are one of the best comforting pets fur parents could ever have. But how can you ask your feline to bring the comfort you need when they are not in their best mood to give?  

Just like humans, cats are simply experts in hiding pain or discomfort but this newly released app could help cat owners figure out the emotions and moods their fur babies are feeling.  

Meet Tably, an app created by Canadian-based software company It uses artificial intelligence to track your cat’s health and mood.  

According to the company, this app's main purpose is to "create predictive healthcare products powered by AI to improve animal health outcomes across species."

Using your camera lens, this app creatively works by scanning a live cat's face or photo to determine whether they appear happy or not. It introduces an AI Remote Patient Monitoring based on the Feline Grimace Scale (FGS) to assess its general well-being. 

Additionally, Tably works by learning the cat's facial and body patterns to elucidate its condition. Although it won't diagnose any sicknesses, it could interpret whether your cat needs to see your vet based on its emotional and kinesthetic clues.  

"Largely, cats hide their pain. Our hypothesis is because they hide their pain, they don't get as much health care as they should," App manager Miche Priest told Daily Paws 

Another best feature is that clients can take pictures of their pet cats through the app and send updates to the clinic so that it also helps veterinarians remotely monitor their patient's recovery.  

Priest added that the app scores 97 percent by just using a high-quality and full-face front image of the cat based on their result.  

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“We’re starting with cats, although I think this idea could work with multiple species and grimace scales,” Priest added.  

Tably is currently available in beta mode through's website or iOS app store. Users are encouraged to give feedback so that hopefully it will have its Android version released to the public soon.