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Rediscover what more you can do at home

Published Dec 21, 2020 1:42 am

There is no doubt the pandemic has affected individuals and families in a myriad of ways. Some Filipinos were lucky to keep their jobs, while some had to face unemployment and lose their sources of income in a time of doubt and uncertainty.

But it is during this tough time that Filipinos prove themselves resilient and resourceful as they discover new and creative ways to earn for their families. With the internet becoming an indispensable tool to upskill oneself and do self-improvement, learning to find work online has never been easier and simpler.

PLDT Home’s newest video recognizes and celebrates Filipino families who have turned their passions and hobbies into online home-based work and study opportunities. The video titled Working from Home – Discovering from Home, showcases a fun and loving family that spends time over breakfast together. Much like a typical family, there is banter and funny exchanges, especially over the son’s affinity for being online and hooked to a gadget. But the scene suddenly shifts gears when the parents prep for work and the whole family transforms into online-savvy entrepreneurs!

The son starts the ball rolling by conversing online with a classmate about a school activity based around a video game. The game looks crisp and clear on the handheld tablet. Things escalate when the mom politely tells them that she is off to work, carrying a tall basket of fruits. She then transforms into a lively and eye-catching online seller complete with dance moves and antics. The mom fondly shouts “mine, mine, mine,” signaling clients to claim their orders.

You would think that was the highlight of the video, until an audio chime from the father’s laptop rings out and he quickly stands up to put on his coat. After a few tucks and folds, he asks the son for help to join in on an online meeting. With a touch of a button, the father transforms and dons a snazzy Australian accent to present at a meeting! The mom and the son are happily shocked. As we all are!

The video rolls on to show the son holding up a chart helping out with a presentation, and the whole family sharing dance moves for a Christmas-themed sale! Together, the family has reimagined the home into a casual yet productive online work experience.

Be inspired and rediscover new ways to earn through home business by watching the full video:

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by PLDT Home.