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Billionaire will pay £100K (P7 million) to anyone who can be full-time nanny to 2 pooches

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Jun 21, 2023 7:13 pm

Just when you thought the paw-fect job does not exist, a billionaire family has decided to offer £100K or P7 million to anyone who can be a full-time nanny to their two dogs.

According to the LinkedIn post by recruiter George Dunn, the London-based American family is looking for "an exceptional and highly experienced dog nanny to provide top-tier care" for their fur babies. Dunn notes that they are eyeing someone "at the top of their field who can secure the overall well-being, happiness, and safety of their dogs."

Further details are posted on Fairfax and Kensington household staffing agency's website and state that the qualified applicant will live with the family in Knightsbridge, an affluent district in London.

Screenshot/George Dunn LinkedIn account

The qualified applicant's main task is to "provide unparalleled care and attention to the dogs, treating them as valued members of the family."

This includes feeding and playing with the pooches, in addition to developing a personalized exercise regimen for each dog to ensure "they receive the appropriate physical and mental simulation."

Another item on the dog nanny's to-do list is to ensure that the dogs are in good health by being on top of all veterinary appointments, vaccination, check-ups, and medication. This also means that he or she must have a driver's license for the dogs' appointments.

Since it goes without saying that the uber-rich like to party, it's a must to give this billionaire family's doggos their own kind of fun too. The job posting states, "Plan and organize socialization opportunities for the dogs, including playdates with other dogs, visits to dog parks, and participation in dog-friendly events. Incorporate enriching activities to stimulate their senses and promote their well-being."

When this billionaire family is having a vacay, of course they'll be tagging along their pooches! So as their dog nanny, you are tasked to drop everything for their beloved fur babies.

Dunn told Kennedy News that "everything" could include your six weeks of vacation. The good thing is that you can always expect to travel first class.

The recruiter said, “There’s six weeks off per year, but when you’re dealing with these sorts of clients, if they want to go to Monaco tomorrow, you’d be on a private jet flying with those dogs. You really do need to drop everything and be there when they call and leave your private life on the back burner."


Apart from all these, the fur parents are also keen on hiring someone who can handle information about the household with "utmost discretion and confidentiality."

The job opening came as a surprise not only to the 300 to 400 people who applied for it but also to the recruiting agency itself.

“This is the first role we’ve offered of its kind. The salary connected to it is pretty unheard of,” Dunn told the outlet. “Even as a vet, you’d be struggling to earn that amount of money.”

    “The clients are billionaires looking for best-in-class service, so when it comes to their dogs, they’re happy to pay,” he continued. “When money is no object, people want the best, and you attract the best with the best salary.”