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Community pastry? Los Baños bakery gives away bread for free

By Ratziel San Juan Published May 09, 2023 8:55 pm

Wildbreads, a bakery based in Los Baños, Laguna, has gone viral for giving away free bread.

The sourdough home bakery put out a basketful of bread loaves on a table in front of its store. Its accompanying sign read: "FREE BREAD. Do you or anyone you know need some free bread? Please take a half loaf or two!"

The bakery offers sourdough loaves, pizzas, and pastries—including croissants.

One day, it decided to bake bread loaves out of the unused dough from its croissants.

"Not many people know that when we make croissants, we trim a lot of the dough and we usually end up with a lot of trimmings. To make good use of them we turned these dough trimmings into loaves and now they're here," Wildbread posted on social media.

Although the free-for-all bread is available for anyone to get, the bakery implements an "honesty system."

"These croissant-trimming loaves are all for free—but we do hope we can give away these bread to those who really need them," Wildbreads posted.

Available until supplies last at the time of the posting, all of the free bread has since been taken. The shop's post, meanwhile, has earned over 1,100 likes and 1,000 shares as of writing.

"Thanking everyone for their support," Wildbreads said, noting that they will make more free bread once trimmings are available and post an update on their social media pages.