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Noodle—the TikTok-famous pug known for 'Bones or No Bones'—dies at 14

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Dec 04, 2022 11:43 am

Celebrities and well-known influencers often take the spotlight on TikTok, but sometimes, smart and quirky animals also have their moments to shine on the video-sharing platform.

Among the famous ones is Noodle, the pug who entertained millions of viewers with his "Bones or No Bones" ritual, where he would motivate his fans to be productive with the simple act of getting up or collapsing back into his dog bed.

Sadly, his owner Jonathan Graziano announced that the beloved canine has passed away at the age of 14, which translates to 72 human years.

"He was at home. He was in my arms and—this is incredibly sad, it's incredibly difficult. It's a day that I always knew was coming, but never thought would arrive," a teary-eyed Graziano said.

Although it was hard for him to talk about it, Graziano said that he wanted to let his followers know about Noodle's death so that they could celebrate him while navigating the sadness of his passing. 

"He lived 14 and a half years, which is about as long as you can hope a dog can and he made millions of people happy. What a run. Thank you for loving him, thank you for embracing us, and give your dog a cheese ball tonight, but it has to be the fake stuff," Graziano said, ending his solemn video with a smile.


It has been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past 7 years. The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be. ❤️

♬ original sound - Jonathan

"It has been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past seven years. The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be," the caption of his post read.

Noodle was first adopted by Graziano when he was just seven and a half years old. The adorable pug quickly rose to fame when his owner started taking videos of himself attempting to get Noodle out of bed in the morning, which evolved into what is now called the "Bones or No Bones" game that they play every morning.

The way that works is that if Noodle stands up from his bed, it meant that the day was a "Bones Day" and it was a time to be productive and ambitious as good things were going to happen ahead.

However, if he would collapse back into his bed, it meant that it was a "No Bones Day" and people should simply relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.

@jongraz Replying to @fatuousfeline ♬ original sound - Jonathan

Graziano told TODAY that he didn't expect Noodle or their silly little game to become a viral sensation and that he got overwhelmed by all the positive reactions to it.

"I get mentions from people who say they it was a 'Bones Day' so they decided to propose to their partner. They put a down payment on their house. A woman the other day said it was a 'Bones Day' so she bought a lotto ticket and won half a million dollars," he said.