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A guide to living every day as an adventure

By ALTHEA LAUREN RICARDO Published Dec 15, 2022 10:00 am

"The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure," writes author Chris Guillbeau in his book on finding one's passion, The Happiness of Pursuit. Take a step back and reflect: Is your life still filled with passion for adventure?

We all believe adventure to be this grand, extraordinary, potentially dangerous act that may forever change our lives. We imagine it to be like hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or eating fugu in Japan, or skydiving in the Blue Hole in Belize. All these are adventurous, yes, but adventure is never far away, and you can have it every day.

The true essence of adventure is in your attitude towards life. It is being open to trying something new, doing something differently, or choosing unknown paths. It means getting out of your comfort zone. It requires a dash of courage and a willingness to learn. And if you experience adventure often enough, you develop a passion for it.

Life is your personal adventure with The Rise by Shang Properties. It has plenty of well-curated spaces for your dream life. The Hangout is for fun with people you love.

Here is your quick guide to living every day as an adventure.

Keep in mind that adventure looks different for everyone

Not everyone wants to backpack in Europe, or jump off a cliff. For some people, adventure is discovering a new brunch destination every Sunday, or learning to bake yet another different type of bread, or digging through thrift shops to find curious and collectibles. And that's completely okay. What does adventure look like to you?

Break up your everyday routine

This is the easiest way to try something new. You are already familiar with the things you do every day. Now, simply do something else. Perhaps try that new bus route. Shop somewhere else. Meet up with someone you don't see every day. Maybe take the entire day off and be a local tourist in your neighborhood on a weekday.

Rise to the challenge. The Rise features an artfully designed, hip, hotel-type lobby that serves as a grand welcome to its residents every day

Allow space for your feelings

As children, we felt a lot for even the smallest things, like the dew that forms on our glass of cold water, or the soggy grass we step on after the rain. Reconnect with this part of you by taking a pause and, well, feeling. How does that warm cup of Spanish latte feel in your hand? Isn't that crackly sound of the needle hitting the record simply electrifying, like lightning before thunder or the gunshot before the race?

Love the process

 In the same book, Guillebeau also writes, “Don’t just do something ‘fun.’ Find a way to create structure around a project and build in a timeline.” The structure and the timeline form the process, which is as important as the goal. We enjoy planning a vacation as much as taking it, he says, pointing out that “Anticipation is a powerful force.”

Work hard, rest hard. The Nest is a relaxation and well-being zone where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When it comes to adventure and anticipation, it helps to live in a place that is full of both. The City of Makati has always been brimming with the energy of the extraordinary and the promise of great things. For a life of adventure, Makati is the best place to be, and the best space to call home is The Rise Makati by Shang Properties.

Located at the heart of the burgeoning Northern Makati (or NOMA) area just north of Ayala Avenue, The Rise Makati is a 59-story residential and commercial development that combines celebrated world-class architecture and interior design with Shang Properties’ signature build quality that always puts a five-star lifestyle first.

Do what you love. The Workshop is a fully stocked workspace that has a library, multi-function rooms, and an IT bar.

The Rise is a comfortable 8-minute walk away from the city’s central business district, and a heartbeat away from your personal grand adventurewhatever that means for you. NOMA is known for being a community of artists, chefs, and creatives, and the neighborhood enjoys a mix of galleries, delicatessens, indie music venues, and creative retail experiences.

The structure has 55 units per floor split into three wings, with residents enjoying access to world-class modern amenities like a two-floor state of the art gym, a jogging trail, a tropical swimming pool, and an abundance of green spaces that include a hundred-square-meter barbecue grill area. There is also a library, karaoke rooms, billiards room, and a home cinema.

Best of all, directly connected to it is the two-story Assembly Grounds at The Rise, which is more a community hub than it is a mall, but still provides all your shopping and dining necessities in one luxurious, intimate, and hip space.

A life of adventure is never far away, especially in Makati. But The Rise Makati by Shang Properties takes you one step closer by making adventure home.

Visit the show suite at the 8th Floor, East Wing, The Rise Makati. Call +6328 THE RISE (843-7473) for more information. You may also check

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