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LOOK: Netflix tapped these Filipino paper artists to celebrate ‘Money Heist’ season 5

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Sep 03, 2021 7:37 pm

To celebrate the release of the fifth and final season of Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), Netflix has teamed up with four Filipino artists to create artwork inspired by some of the most iconic imagery from all four parts of the hit series.

Dubbed the #LaCasaDePapelChallenge, the artists made their own unique and beautifully intricate paper tributes to some of the greatest and most memorable moments of the show.

The Royal Mint of Spain—Patrick Cabral

Longtime paper artist Patrick chose to make a miniature scale model of the exterior of the Royal Mint of Spain, Money Heist's season 1 main setting for his entry.

"I picked the Royal Mint because it's the embodiment of the enemy. The corrupt system. I like the juxtaposition of something so powerful with something fragile like paper," Patrick explained.

"The execution of the artwork was inspired by those illustrations that you see at the back of currency notes."

With its breathtaking visual layers and details, Patrick was initially torn between making the iconic Dali Mask or the building - but his decision definitely paid off.

Check out more of Patrick's works here.


Plan Chernobyl—John Ed De Vera

This multidisciplinary designer utilizes everything-paper for his crafts—from lettering, paper-cutting, to trying out all sorts of media to capture his vision. For his #LaCasaDePapelChallenge, John chose to portray Season 3's blimp. 

"The blimp was used (to release 140 million Euros over Madrid) as a distraction in Part 3, while the Dali Mask, as we all know, has become an iconic symbol of resistance that has inspired a lot of people to fight with the Professor and the team," John shared.

"The red money coming out of the blimp forms the jumpsuit holding the blimp. The overall visual imagery is my personal homage to surrealism."

Check out more of John's works here


Bella Ciao and Bank of Spain—Mansy Abesmis

Though Mansy's art style might initially come across as "delicate and dainty", she knows that the art of papercutting has more layers than meets the eye.

From afar, it looks cute and playful. But when you think about it, it’s actually very edgy because the lines are super thin and the details are so small. I love taking risks with my papercuts!," the artist said.

For her entry, Mansy crafted an expertly cut Salvador Dali mask and her own rendition of the Bank of Spain.

Bella Ciao is the gang’s battle cry! It unites and makes them stronger as a unit. They’re able to overcome every challenge, every twist, every dead end because of this," she explained.  "And this is even reinforced by the Dali mask and the red jumpsuit—a symbol of resistance against the system. It’s also a great equalizer. It’s a reminder that the thieves and hostages actually want the same thing—to be free from the system." 


Meanwhile, she explains that her version of the Royal Mint adds more of her own brand of quirky elements.

"In the series, they showed a papercut of the building – it looks so serious and rigid, as expected. So I thought of adding my own elements, fun details, quirky elements, and flowy lines to remind us that no matter how tough, daunting, and impossible to change the systems seem, humans are still the ones who run it."

"And there’s always something we can do to change the systems in our lives if we want to. It’s in our hands."

Check out Mansy's works here.


Origami Bird and Teddy Bear—Sarjit Singh

Who said that paper art doesn't include origami? For followers of the series, Sarjit's entries hold a lot of emotional weight.

"The first is the Professor’s red origami bird, which has played a big role in the show from the very beginning," Sarjit shared. "As a lover of Origami artwork, I was so happy to see it featured so prominently in such a popular show, and I hope it inspired many others to try Origami themselves."

"The second is Inspector Alicia Sierra’s teddy bear from Part 3, which she strategically used to take down Nairobi because it belonged to her son. No spoilers on what happened next!"


Banner and photos  from Netflix and the respective artists