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7 ways to take your internet experience to the next level

Published Oct 11, 2021 7:15 pm

Feeling like you’ve maxed out everything you can do while staying at home? We feel it, too.

A lot might have changed this past year, but surely this is not the time to be bored or be boring. Now, with all the time we have and unlimited internet data from promos like Smart’s Unli Giga offerings, we can find even more ways to experience the internet in the most creative ways.

You know what we're talking about. It can be as simple as going through your new favorite influencer’s Instagram feed or as complex as sleuthing through a trail of tweets to find out what the real deal is regarding some current issue. And while we spend an insame amount of time and effort on these things, wouldn't we take that over being bored out of our minds anyway?

Relate much? Here are seven more experiences that can make your everyday seem a bit different in the best ways:

Display your (not-so-graceful) dance moves for the world to see on TikTok.

Or if dancing to all the latest crazes is not your thing, maybe you can make your own short video makeup tutorials or post about your daily workout. Whatever it is, say yes to posting #ChallengeAccepted on TikTok! 

Prove/disprove a conspiracy theory by watching videos on YouTube endlessly.

Learning becomes so much more interesting when you can dive deep into a topic. How many different educational videos on YouTube have you watched to know more about the moon landing? Princess Diana’s death or flat earthers?

Document one entire day in 15-minute intervals through Instagram stories...

A photo of the sun pouring in from your window, a clip of your stay-at-home OOTD, snaps of your brunch, a video of your puppy wagging its tail, a Boomerang of your face bored in a Zoom meeting... the stories in your Instagram account can go on and on. It’s important to keep in touch with your friends and family, after all. And if they love you, there’s no such thing as oversharing as long as it’s not TMI, right?

...or bombard your Facebook friends with memes—both viral and original ones.

You never need to worry about your witty insights not being shared to the world. Make someone laugh today through sharing the most viral of memes. You can even take it to the next level and share memes you’ve come up with on your own.

Become a sports analyst every single day. But only for a few hours.

We may not be able to play ball for a while longer, but you can still analyze the moves of athletes worldwide, whether it be the NBA, your favorite Filipino basketball team in the PBA, or our Filipino athletes in international leagues like FIBA Asia Cup or the Olympics. And you can watch all of these games live or on demand on GigaPlay.

Wait for hours in full concert garb for an online K-Pop event.

Lightstick on hand, your favorite grandpa sweater on and your laptop and Bluetooth speaker fully charged, you are ready for KCon or MAMA 2020 or Hallyu Hangouts, happening in the next 16 hours. What’s a little more time compared to the weeks you spent just staring at your favorite oppa?

Rewatch an entire teleserye catalogue in one sitting.

You’ve been in quite a mood for a while now, so you subscribed to iWantTFC and Cignal Play to see your favorite local actors and actresses. Have you found your favorite spot on your couch and cried your heart out with the helpless hero, gotten mad at the mean villain and laughed at the silly hirits of your favorite comedian? Need a tissue?

What’s great about these experiences is not just the fun it brings to our lives, but also the creativity and confidence we muster to really take things to the next level. You may or may not have tried these seven things yet, but we’re pretty sure you have your own version of this list tucked somewhere there.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Smart Communications.